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Welcome to my online portfolio of work. Here you will find a variety of my work from online glam to everyday subtlety. My work is been shown in reverse order, most recent at the top.

Don’t forget to check out some blog posts. You can find some of my favourite creative works in them. I am hoping to start taking bookings soon. Let me know if you’d like this.

Halloween night out…prefer my skull attempt in this than in the series but the Bestie pulled out all the stops.

7 Days of Halloween 2018

Getting creative in 2018

Another look for a collaboration on IG. The category was Drag. It’s so crazy how make-up can change your face.

Masquerade Mask for a collaboration on IG. Had so much fun doing this one although this was a second attempt

Loved having fun with a graphic eye look. Below is a close up of this eye.

My first post to get 100 likes on IG. I was so proud of that moment, still am. Eyebrows still need work.

Playing around with some colours. The owner of Sugarpill liked this on IG which means the world πŸ’–. I still love this colour combination

New Years Eve-2017

Most subtle makeup ever for me. Also I mastered winged liner, my first achievement

Halloween 2017

Another first-making my own prosthetics. Had so much fun making the hand piece for this “just finished work” idea.

So this is me and the bestie last year, my first proper attempt at special fx. We worked together on his look using ElliMacs on YouTube. Not the best attempt at my makeup I really struggled to create shrunken cheeks but as I was a dead nurse didn’t end up too bad.

Another Halloween look but I really like how the cuts ended up for a first attempt in those locations. Bridge of the nose is not easy to do so I found out.

Leeds Pride

Before I truly found my love for makeup. This was for Leeds Pride 2017. I was so proud of the blend on my eyes but no foundation.