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I’m Rach from the UK and I’d like to thank you for dropping by. I’m a self taught freestyle make up artist who loves drag, special effects and full glam make up. Click here to head to our bookings page and learn more about the services we offer.

Here, we are determined to offer reviews and insights into all kinds of beauty and makeup products to help you make the best decisions for you. We will throw in the odd lifestyle and travel post but our main focus is beauty. Sign up to our email list to receive our monthly newletter.

2023 is the start of our fifth year here on WordPress and it has been a crazy time. I’m sure it’ll only get worse as we’re now taking BOOKINGS! It seems like only yesterday that we started this journey and now we have our little RNB family in a corner of the internet that seems to be growing into the world. We have quite a large extended family over TikTok! Be sure to pop over there and say hi.

If you’re a company wishing to collaborate or a reader with any suggestions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the form. I will try to reply within a couple of hours but please make allowances for time zone differences.

FYI: We here at RachNevsBeauty do not concern ourselves with any drama within the beauty community. Although we may not condone certain opinions from brand owners, we are about the product and only the product. If the world spent it’s time worrying about the owners and their ethical standpoint we would not buy from anyone. One person does NOT make the company. We at RachNevsBeauty believe that if you boycott a brand, it is the employees who suffer. The millionaire will remain a millionaire whilst the regular workforce loses their livelihoods.

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