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Special Effects Makeup: Making Horns

Hi lovelies, I've been prepping for Halloween, what a surprise! The last time I discussed creating horns, I was making small ones for the forehead using latex (see here). This time I wanted to make some big ass curled demon horns which requires a different approach. You can mould and cast your horns as well… Continue reading Special Effects Makeup: Making Horns

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Bank Holiday Scarborough Trip

Hi lovelies, I can't believe I've never posted about trips to Scarborough as I go there pretty often and since I don't feel bad about travel posts anymore; here you go. Nice and cheap way to get away for a day or 2. Scarborough is a beautiful resort town that sits on the East Coast… Continue reading Bank Holiday Scarborough Trip

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Styling A Wig-A Total Beginners Guide

Hi lovelies, As you know, my wig collection has been growing recently and therefore they require some care and attention. I still don't know why I've written this post as I have zero experience with hair and virtually no equipment. I haven't been able to do anything fancy and I highly recommend watching plenty of … Continue reading Styling A Wig-A Total Beginners Guide

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SwatchQueen Swatch Stencils Review

Hi lovelies, So this is one that I've been sitting on for a while. I was meant to post this around christmas as a gift idea but I needed some time off to collect myself. Testing out makeup means swatching palettes but sometimes finger swatches can look a little messy hence stencils. Swatch Queen is… Continue reading SwatchQueen Swatch Stencils Review

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Glossybox UK Reasons to be Happy 2020 Advent Calendar

Hi lovelies, Happy New Year to you....not that we could celebrate properly here in the UK. As is the usual custom at RNB we kick off the new year with the Glossybox UK Advent Calendar. This is only available to buy through the Glossybox website (see here) but you don't need to have a subscription… Continue reading Glossybox UK Reasons to be Happy 2020 Advent Calendar