Juvia’s Place Zulu Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

So I’ve been super excited to try this palette out and thought I’d treat myself to this from Beauty Bay (see here if your interested). For some reason I was always under the impression this would be super expensive and it’s not too bad actually. The palette was £20 for 9 shades which I have no problem paying if other beauty reviews are anything to go by. However that’s not stopping me.

With Beauty Bay, UK orders over £15 qualify for free delivery so I was happy. Orders under cost £3.50 for the Hermes delivery which comes pretty fast. Both Beauty Bay and Hermes keep you informed about your order every step of the way. The shipping container arrived in great condition as it was well packaged and protected.

The palette came in its own little box and was bubble wrapped within it. I’m so glad there was some bubble wrap around the palette for added protection, nothing worse than a new broken palette. Both the box and palette feature the same design and reflective shine which is really pretty and simple. The palette also has a magnetic lid that helps keep it closed. I have to say this is pretty strong. Love the colours on the packaging of the palette and think it suits the colours on the inside.

The palette contains 9 shades; 3 are metallic and the rest are matte. The pans are pretty big although I’m not sure how deep but the palette looks thick so hopefully they have some depth. The yellow and orange have amazing pigment as does the pink. I’m so happy with the yellow as I’ve found that it can be difficult to get yellow shades to stand out with cheaper palettes.

In fact, all of the shades are super pigmented even the metallic ones (these also have great shine). Not only are the shades very pigmented but they are creamy, very blendable and easy to use as a beginner. The colours are also buildable to create dramatic looks. There is very little fallout both in the pan and on the face when applying and you don’t need much product for amazing colour.

For me, this is up there with my Sugarpill shadows and if you’ve read that post you know that’s a high ranking especially for the price. The quality of all the shadows is amazing, they are just so soft. I’ve experienced no staining on my eyes at all with these shadows even after 12 hours of wear. They also stay on ages and doesn’t collect in the eye creases.

Overall, I am so so happy I purchased this palette. The pigments are amazing with very little fallout from the price. I have had no issues with any colour, no staining, redness or soreness around the eyes. I will certainly be purchasing this palette and others by Juvia’s Place because for the price its incredible.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this review and will join me for more in the future. As always below are some pics of looks created using this palette.

Rach xx

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