Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Jeffree Star Cosmetics and this beauty came back to BeautyBay on payday so I couldn’t resist. I know I promised more affordable make up reviews and those are coming I promise.

The Blood Sugar has already sold out on BeautyBay but you can sign up to receive updates for when it is back in stock (see here). The palette retails for £46 which is a huge amount for an eye-shadow palette even for me. You do get 18 shadows for this price and that works out at £2.50 per eyeshadow. Delivery is free thankfully and arrived within a couple of days. As always with BeautyBay the product was well protected during transit.

The palette came with an outer sleeve that slides off and contains the Jeffree Star logo on the top and the palette name on the side. All product information is on this outer sleeve which is a shame if you want to get rid of this. The palette itself comes in a red faux leather case with clasps on the front for added security. However the lid is such a tight fit that you really don’t need the clasps to keep the palette closed. There is also a mirror on the inside lid.

I find it a little strange that there was no cover over the shadows or the mirror in order to protect the glass from the shades. There is plenty of room between the eye-shadows and the lid but a little had transferred onto the glass when I first opened the palette. The name of the palette and brand logo is also written on the top of the palette case.

Like I mentioned above, you get 18 eye-shadows in this palette that are a range of matte, metallic and glitter. Of the 18 shadows, 14 of them are mattes with 3 glitters and 1 metallic. Personally, I find this to be a really nice mix of different textures as you often use more matte shadows than glitters and metallic shades. The pans are fairly small but I’m hoping there’s some depth to them as the palette packaging is quite deep. All the shadows have been stamped with the Jeffree Star Logo.

First of all, I have to say this palette smells absolutely amazing. I don’t really know how to describe it other than sweet, sugary delightfulness. This smell doesn’t stay for long once opened and doesn’t linger when the shadows are applied.

This palette has a gorgeous mix of colours containing both neutral shades as well as some bolder ones. However all the shadows are complimentary to the Blood Sugar theme so the bold colours are pinks, reds and purples (it’s not a tropical palette). All of the shadows are very soft and creamy, extremely pigmented, buildable and easily blendable.

All of the shades work well together and produce a huge range of combinations for any type of makeup look. The glitters and metallic shades are best applied using your finger or a damp brush in order to get good payoff. There’s not too much fallout within the palette some shades are worse than others but there’s little to no fallout upon application to the eye.

On the back of the packaging, it states that the shades: prick, root canal, cherry soda, cavity, extraction, tongue pop, o positive, sugar cane, fresh meat, coma and sweetener are not to be used in the immediate eye area. Now I know that the FDA have a ton of pigments that are not regulated for use around the eye that we, in Europe do consider eye safe, so I basically ignored this line. If you’re planning on ignoring these warnings, please test the products on your arm before applying it to the eye.

I have tested all of the shadows both on my arms and on my eyes and I have had no problems with any of them aside from some staining to the skin. Cavity, root canal, prick, cherry soda, fresh meat, extraction and coma did stain the skin even when using my P.Louise Base (review to come). However, the staining didn’t last longer than a few hours except with cavity and that lasted a whole day. If I’m honest, the staining doesn’t bother me as I expect it with red based shades.

When swatching these shadows on my arm, the lighter shades in the top row did need a double swipe of product in order to get the pigmentation to show truly. However, these lighter shades are perfect transition shades for the rest of the palette.

Overall I am so so happy with this palette. The packaging is perfect and so well made there’s no danger to the pans. There is a great range of shades that work well together, are well pigmented and blend out easily. Some of the shades do stain the skin so take care when using the red based shades around your eyes.

Thank you for reading. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Below are some eye looks created using this palette.

Rach xx

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