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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Liner Review

Hi lovelies,

Brand NEW product review, I’m talking released last week. Yes I’ve bought more Jeffree Star and yes I’m going to mention Beauty Bay yet again. Jeffree did do a sneak peek review on his youtube channel about these liners and his new supreme frost range which you can check out here and this is one of the reasons for this purchase.

I’ve always been a waterline eyeliner chick, ALWAYS. But, I’ve always struggled to find eyeliners that remain on my waterline and not underneath my eye. Turns out, like the velour liquid lipsticks, the lip liners are eye safe and can therefore be used on the waterline. Thanks Jeffree.

As always, these were purchased from Beauty Bay (see here) and retail for £13 each. The lip liners have only been released in certain shades for the launch but they all match with one of the liquid lipsticks. So far, 17 shades have been released with 15 of them currently available on BB. Free UK shipping is available on orders over £15 and delivery is always fast and secure. You can also get them straight from JSC by clicking here.

First, the packaging. The liners come in a pink box that contains the JSC logo down one side. Full product information and ingredients can be found on another while the shade name is on the bottom. The pencil is secured in this box so it doesn’t rattle about or get broken. Love this outer packaging as it suits the JSC brand completely plus your product is protected.

The pencil itself is very typical of a lip liner with one exception, the cap. It’s very opulent, very OTT and very Jeffree Star. It feels pretty solid so there’s no chance of damaging the tip once sharpened. Absolutely love the cap, might even use it on pens when I’m finished with the liner. The shade colour is also on the bottom of the pencil.

Of course I couldn’t just try 1, so I bought 3 shades: Doll Parts, Redrum and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. As I don’t own any velour lipsticks yet (hint hint for Xmas), I’ve been trying them out with other lipsticks so I can’t compare how the two work together but I will update this post when I have them. The pencils are standards pencils, not retractable so you will need to sharpen them over time.

I tried Doll Parts first only because I got them on Wednesday 3rd October (if you don’t get this, its pink that’s all that matters). Doll Parts is described as a matte cool toned pink and which it definitely is. The formula is creamy and applies like silk it is so smooth. It blended beautifully with my bullet and liquid lipsticks and went with so any shades of pink, I’m truly impressed. I also tried this on my waterline and I’m super impressed with the pigmentation achieved here with so little product. It lasted several hours of wear and I didn’t need to retouch at any point.

Redrum was the next one for me to try. However, I noticed a slight issue with this one. Although the box sent was for Redrum, the pencil inside was actually Unicorn Blood. So yeah, don’t know what happened there but guess we’re looking at Unicon Blood. Again, the formula was really creamy and easy to apply to the lips. Excellent colour and goes with several shades of red lippie which is always a good thing. I needed to wear a little more Unicorn Blood on my waterline when compared with Doll Parts and that’s because a thin layer just looked streaky. However, it lasted all day without retouching.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a shade I’ve been wanting since I first found the velour liquid lips. As I’d purchased the Sugarpill xLTS collection (see here) that has a similar shade, I never got round to trying it. I still don’t have the lippie but this shade goes so well will Kiki from the xLTS collab that I’m dying. Described as a matte blue green, it is really creamy and easy to apply but this shade does feel like it’s drying out my lips a little. On the waterline, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is not as bright and bold but the pigment is still amazing and lasts all day.

Overall, I am impressed with these Velour Lip Liners and I will certainly be purchasing more in the future. I love a product that is versatile and excels in all uses. As lip liners, all three work well with other brands of lipstick and with bullet or liquid lipsticks. They are easy to apply and blend with several shades of lippie. Only Breakfast at Tiffany’s dried my lips slightly. As eyeliners they go on smoothly and have intense, lasting pigments. You don’t need much product to get great colour.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you have enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Below are some images of the products in use.

Rach xx

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