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NYX Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hi lovelies,

We have something else new today although this one is still makeup rather than skin or hair care. As you can probably tell from my Instagram, I have a real love for NYX Cosmetics and this is due to their affordability. Y’all don’t have to break the bank to find good products (yeah I don’t listen to that advice either).

I actually bought all of these eyeliners several months ago and have been playing around with them on my Instagram (see here, shameless plug). Thankfully, we have a NYX store in my hometown so I picked these up there however you can buy them for the NYX UK website (see here) and Boots (see here). In writing this blog I have noticed that Boots charge more for all these eyeliners; the vivids are 50p more and the white and black are £1 more. Little bit cheeky if you ask me so get them at NYX.

All of the liners come in an outer box that’s not too big and are all packaged in the same way. The components are thin and nicely designed on all of the shades. The screw cap brush handle is really long, making up more than half of the packaging. I really love this feature of these liners as it makes them easy to work with. You get 0.06 fl. oz. (2mL) of product in the black and vivid brights liners but you get a bit more in the white (0.07 fl. oz.; 2.5mL).

Naturally, I had to buy the Matte Liquid Liner and it cost £7. You can never have too much black liner can you? As a beginner, I’ve always struggled with using liquid liners for winged looks due to the applicators and consistancy of the products. Not with this one. The brush is really fine and you hardly need any pressure on your lid for the product to go on. It dries really quick so rectifying mistakes can be challenging although it is easy to remove. Try not put too much on though as it can start to crack but a thin layer can last all day.

I also wanted to try out the White Liquid Liner also costing £7. This one I mainly use under the eye to extend the inner corner, especially for more drag inspired looks. Again, the applicator makes it easy to apply the product. This one does crack a lot more than the matte black and you don’t need to be wearing much for that to happen. Make sure you give it a good shake before application to minimise this. The pigment is bright and the liner lasts all day despite the cracking.

As well as those two, I have added to my collection a couple of the Vivid Brights Liners and the rest will follow I’m sure. These are £6 each from NYX and are available in 9 different shades. The three I purchased were Sapphire, Fire and Halo but I love the whole shade range. Each have the same applicator as the previous liners did so the products are easy to apply.

Sapphire is a bright royal blue and has great pigmentation when used on the eye. Naturally fire is a bright red and also has great pigment. Halo is a bright yellow and is the only one I have that needs more than one layer for good pigment.

All three can tend to crack if you wear more than one layer however due to the pigment of the first 2, you only need one layer. They are very easy to remove and don’t stain the skin around the eye.

Overall, despite the cracking I still love these eyeliners. The product glides on and the brush makes them great to use for beginners. I’ll make sure to update you when I get the rest of the vivid brights.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Don’t forget to hit the like button or add a comment, you could even subscribe if you loved it. Below are some of the more creative looks using these liners.

Rach xx

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