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Makeup A Murder Poison Neon Pigments Review

Hi lovelies,

I’ve been so happy to receive my purchase from Makeup A Murder as I’ve been wanting to order from them for months. I first found this company on Instagram (see here) due to a mutual friend and fell in love with their concept.

All of their products are based around crime scene investigation making uniquely packaged products. Absolutely love, love, love how everything looks.

All Makeup A Murder products can be purchased through the company website (see here). They are based in the States so shipping to the UK was pricey at $14.25. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay import for an order so small. I ordered on August 31st and received my dispatch email on the 4th September.

I purchased the full set of Poison Neon Pigments for $15 in the sale. Usual price is $25 and you receive 7. You can purchase these seperately for $5. The pigments are packaged in 10mm glass jars with latex free cork stoppers. The stoppers are fairly secure if you push them in far enough. You get 5grams of product in each jar.

The neon pigments come in 7 shades; coral red, green, orange, blue, yellow, purple and pink. They are amazing shades that are as bright as all the pictures. All of the pigments are superfine and silky to touch.

All 7 pigments swatch so well although it can get a bit messy. They can look a little chalky when packed on without blending. I don’t mind this as they don’t lose any vibrancy when blending them.

As it’s a loose pigment you need a wet base for this to stick. Concealer will do but don’t set it. There is also a decent amount of fallout under the eye so be sure to do your eyes before your base.

I also picked up the pigment Bleach from the Mustard Gas Collection. Bleach is a shimmery white and Ammonia a black shimmer (the other in this collection). These can be mixed together to create a grey shimmer. Both shades in this collection can be purchased for $5. I picked this one up mainly for the skull stopper but it is very unsecure and I will be changing the stopper.

This pigment is equally as awesome as the neon pigments. It is super soft an silky to touch and has an amazing shimmer to it. On the eye, there is a lot of fallout and the shimmer does tend to stick to the skin. It swatched so well, without any of the chalkiness seen with the neons.

Overall, I am so so happy to have purchased from Makeup-A-Murder. Their company concept is phenomenal and their product designs match this completely. I love the packaging, the only issue being the skull cork which isn’t secure enough. All the pigments are amazing and easy to use.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Tried these products…send me your photos for an Instagram share. Don’t forget to hit the like button or add a comment, you could even subscribe if you loved it. Below are some images of these pigments in use.

Rach xx

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