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Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard Review

So for my first EVER blog review I thought I’d share a product that I’ve loved for many years. In fact they appeared on Dragons Den looking for an investment they didn’t get and so I decided to support this small UK business. When I said I loved this company I wasn’t lie. All products have been purchased with my own money.

Beauty Boulevard (see here) are producing cosmetic lip and face glitters as well as a variety of other beauty products. I haven’t had the chance to order or try out some of their other products yet so this review is purely on the glitter lips and the face glitter called Stardust.

The Glitter Lips come in a kit for £12.50 or you purchase the glitter pots individually for £6.50. The kit includes your pot of glitter, a gloss bond and a dual applicator packaged in a cute little box. I found it a bit awkward to get the product out of the box as it’s such a tight fit but it is easier if you open the box from the bottom. Clear instructions of use are also written on the back of the box which is helpful for the first time. The applicator that comes with the kit is dual ended and has a small brush on one end and a make up applicator (like eyeshadow sponge applicators) on the other. I find it easier to apply the glitter with the applicator and use the brush to remove the excess glitter from my lips. The gloss bond comes in a black tube with an applicator and I suppose it is technically a glue. It starts off white and as it dries it become tacky and clear. The bond is strong lasting 8hrs+ before it can start unpeeling and that’s mainly towards the middle of the mouth and the corners.

The glitter comes in a pot and has approx. 25 applications in a pot. The glitter comes in a range of colours (many I have bought and used). To use this product simply put the gloss bond on one lip, wait for it to go clear then press the glitter to the bond using the applicator.

The face, hair and body glitter called Stardust also comes in a kit costing £12.50 containing a pot of body glitter, bonding gel and a large brush applicator. Again the bond is of high quality and keeps the glitter on all day. The glitter itself is a little different from the one for your lips. This is a mix of fine and larger granulea of glitter making it gorgeous on the skin for festivals or events. A stiffer, slightly fanned brush also comes with this kit making it easy to apply to large areas. The website states that there are approximately 5 applications per kit but this depends on how much you decide to use. I’ve had three applications out of the pot pictured in this post.

I love this product. The glitter is so fine that it doesn’t look chunky or messy on your lips. In comparison to other lip glitters I have found that this is the finest glitter I can find. Allows for a smooth finish to your lips. I have found that sometimes the edges can look a little bit messy especially on the cupids bow but this is fixed by outlining the lips with some liner. Like I said above the applicator is perfect for applying the glitter and the bond allows the glitter to last many many hours. I spent pride weekend wearing glitter lips and both days (after many drinks) the glitter lasted all day. The stardust also lasts for many hours as I also wore this at pride. The bond for the stardust didn’t irritate my skin at all or leave it dry or blemished. Personally the thing I love the most about this product is that when you want to remove it, it comes off easily with a bit of hot water. Just let the water soak in for 30 seconds and it peels right off. The stardust also come off this easily.

I found that the applicators for both products picked up the glitter well although you can lose a small amount of glitter per application. I’m not sure how much use the brush is on the glitter lips applicator as I found that it wasn’t much use for brushing away the excess glitter off the skin around my lips. I have to admit it can feel a little weird wearing the glitter lips at first as you can’t really feel much past it other than pressure. Just to be clear there is NO numbness when wearing this but you will keep pressing your lips to be sure.

Overall I am very happy with the products from beauty boulevard and I will definitely be purchasing more soon. I’ve included images below to show the range of colours I own and a video showing the sparkles. NOTE: the colours are depicted truer in the images than the video.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know what you think and I hope you will join me for more reviews in the future

Rach 😘😘

These colours are diamond in the buff and ruby slippers (this is their most famous colour).
Next we have forbidden and vintage pretty. Forbidden is a shade or two darker than ruby slippers but both are beautiful.
Next we have breathless and cherry pie. Breathless is one of my personal favourites but I love the colour blue. Cherry pie is a beautiful deep pink.
Lastly for the glitter lips are midas kiss and disco kiss go.
This is the stardust face, hair and body glitter in supernova. So holographic it’s amazing.

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