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Sugarpill Cosmetics x Little Twin Stars Collection Review

Hi lovelies,

So this week I thought I’d review the bad boy that is Sugarpill Cosmetics X Little Twin Stars Limited Edition Collection. It was only released last month and is a collaboration with Sanrio. Naturally, I bought the full collection which did break the bank but I’m so glad I did. You can buy some of this collection individually but not all. This collection, as with all Sugarpill products are cruelty free and vegan.

Being in the UK, I decided to wait on purchasing this product directly from Sugarpill just in case of additional import charges (it does happen UK 😥). Purchasing this directly from Sugarpill is $79 maybe with additional shipping costs but definitely with additional import. I purchased mine through Beauty Bay ( which cost £60 with free next day delivery for UK customers.

Now on to the product itself. The full collection consists of an eyeshadow palette with 6 shades, 2 liquid lipsticks and a make up bag. When bought together, they come in a cute storage box that can be saved to stash your favourites. The eyeshadow palette and lipsticks can be purchased individually although the lipsticks can only be bought as a duo. The palette costs $38.00 from Sugarpill or £32 from Beauty Bay while the lipsticks cost $36.00 from Sugarpill or £30 from Beauty Bay. The makeup bag is only available as part of the full collection. I just want to add that the storage box has such a cute finish (see image above) and uses a magnet to hold the lid shut.

The eyeshadow palette contains 6 shades of varying finishes with some foiled, some frost and 1 matte. Cloud maker, Twinkle Twinkle and Wish are foiled, Dream Dust and Sky Candy are both frosts and Star Ribbon is matte. The shades are very pastel so it can feel as though they’re not highly pigmented. This is not the case as you need very little product on your brush, the colours are just more subtle than Sugarpills usual eye shadows.

These shadows are so versatile as well. I often use the sky candy as blush and dream dust or cloud maker as highlighter although you have to be careful with the highlight. These shadows are all really smooth to apply and feel so soft and lightweight on the skin. There can be a small amount of fallout onto the skin when applying so be sure to tap your brush before application to keep fallout to a minimum.

Each of the shades has a beautiful finish to them with each texture leaving a different finish to your look. Dream dust and Sky candy have a wonderful shimmer to them which I’ve found is perfect for my cheeks. I love that this palette comes in a thin plastic sleeve as it keeps the palette tightly shut even when travelling. I’m pretty sure that you are meant to throw this sleeve away as its only packaging but its so useful and gives you peace of mind when transporting (especially when you’ve paid this much).

The 2 liquid lipsticks, Kiki and Lala, are just uber cute. Each tube is perfectly packaged for their names all tying in with the characters. Each lipstick dries matte but tiny gold sparkles appear as it dries. Keep smacking your lips together and more will appear. The applicator is the perfect shape for applying this but it does collect a lot of product and I personally don’t need that much. I always need to give the applicator a little wiggle when removing from the tube just to get some of the extra lipstick off.

However both lipsticks apply smoothly and have a really good consistency. I wouldn’t recommend using these if your lips are very dry or cracked as it can dry uneven and can really highlight these issues. I’ve also found that these lipsticks dry fairly quick so if working on a look you need to work fast. These can also be blended together to create a range of shades and looks (I’ve seen people use these as eyeliner or for eyebrows).

Each lipstick compliments the eyeshadow palette beautifully and also works alongside other brands and colours. My lips didn’t become dry either during wear or after removal of these lipsticks. Lala is pink and the blue is Kiki.

The makeup bag is soft to touch but feels very strong and hard wearing. The design of the bag is perfect for the collection and so cute. It’s a nice size for carrying in your bag and there’s enough room for the palette, both lipsticks and a few brushes if needed. Personally, I do think it’s a shame you can’t buy the makeup bag separately but when you add up the prices you technically get this free with the palette and lipsticks.

Overall, I am very impressed by this collection. I’ve never spent so much money on makeup but I’m glad I did. The quality of the makeup is so much better than anything else I’ve used. The eyeshadows are blendable and easy to work with as are the lipsticks. I’ve had no problem with my skin when using these products but I don’t have sensitive or dry skin. Both the lipsticks were easy to remove with no staining to my lips. I will definitely be buying more fom Sugarpill if this is the quality of their products. Images below show my use of these products though not to their best ability unfortunately.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know what you think and I hope you will join me for more reviews in the future

Rach xx

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