Primark Foundation Stick and Powder Review

Hi lovelies,

I asked you on Instagram what you would prefer to see more of on this blog and heres me listening. Sorry if you didn’t get the chance to answer but that means you really should give me a follow as I will continue to include you on what you want to see (see here).

As requested by you I decided to try out Primark’s ( makeup range to see as it is stocked in many countries and is very cheap. Right then onto the make up. I purchased the My Perfect Colour range of face products: BB cream, Moisturising Foundation Stick, Liquid Concealer and Instagirl Loose Rice Powder. Everything other than the powder I got in nude beige as it seemed the best colour choice for me.

I am amazed at the price of this stuff. The BB cream and loose powder were the most expensive at £4.00, the foundation stick was £2.50 and the concealer was £2 so it doesn’t break the bank in anyway really.

The packaging is nice and simple on all the products although it is all plastic. However I really don’t expect glass packaging when it costs so little. Both the foundation stick and concealer come in sturdy packaging and the lid on the foundation stick does clip into place. The powder comes in a more maliable container but it is annoying to get into. A plastic cap sits over the opening which I ended up throwing away cause I kept throwing powder everywhere trying to get it off each time 😥. On second thoughts keep it cause its worse without it 😭😭.

The BB cream comes in a tube like many creams and foundations. The tube is quite thin but tough plastic so it’ll be easy to cut open at the end of its life to get every last drop out of it. Love the packaging on the cream as its so easy to use.

Now before I start on using the products I want to touch on the shades. The BB cream, foundation stick and concealer are all “nude beige” but all three are slightly different to each other. To make matters worse both the BB cream and concealer do oxidise a little but the foundation stick doesn’t. In the image below the foundation stick swatch is the top right, the BB cream on the left and the concealer at the bottom.

The foundation stick is really creamy and easy to use although it does feel a little bit thick upon application. I struggled to blend this by tapping it in with my blender so I ended up more buffing this in which I don’t really like. Once blended it was medium coverage but it did look a little bit chalky and adding the loose powder only made it worse. Sorry Primark. This foundation also transfers a little bit even after powdering. Honestly I didn’t wear this very long because it looked really bad on my skin but I have very oily skin and I do want to point out that this went chalky on my oily points so it might not do this for everyone. However the colour match to my skin was perfect.

Update: since first writing this I have been playing around with the foundation stick more. I think my blender may have been too wet for a stick foundation which is why it went chalky. When I used my blender dry it looked much better.

Now the BB Cream. I only recently found out that this is lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturize so for me its perfect for throughout the day. Again, I struggled with chalkiness with this so I’m wondering if its my blender or the way I apply. This blends much better than the foundation stick and doesn’t feel as heavy on the skin. I did get a reasonable coverage from the BB cream but it does transfer a small amount after powdering. I wore this around the house for the day and did notice it creasing on my forehead and nose towards the end of the day.

The concealer, however, I am loving. It does blend nicely with the BB cream and foundation but this doesn’t look chalky. The great thing is it is also working well with my other foundations from different brands and is a great skin match. It is only medium coverage but it does cover my redness and lightens my dark circles. Note: I don’t think its possible for me to get rid of the undereye bags without colour corrector as they are almost purple. This sets well with powder, both Primark and another brand and the concealer didn’t look cakey either which I was surprised at.

The loose powder does contain talc so be careful with its use around flash photography. I don’t like the packaging as it makes it awkward to use. I will probably transfer this to another pot just to keep my sanity. When I used this over the Primark foundation and BB cream I found it really highlighted the chalky patched on my skin. However, when I used the powder over my other foundations, I didn’t have any issues. The loose rice powde left a smooth, matte finish to my skin without looking cakey.

Overall I’m not happy with the foundation stick and the BB cream but I am loving the loose rice powder and concealer so far. Now I promise I will try the foundation and BB cream again just to see if it was the application not the product. However I would highly recommended buying this if you want something cheap to practice with but I personally wouldn’t wear the foundation stick and the BB cream outside.

As always below are some images of the products in action. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you will join me again.

Rach xx

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Donations…Everything Helps!!

Want to help fund us? Send a donation and get your name added to our social media pages!!!! I’m a poor Odeon worker and certain brands are expensive. Everything helps.



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