Tarte Cosmetics Precious Picks Colour Set Review

Hey Lovelies,

Today I thought I’d review a sample set I’ve just purchased from Tarte Cosmetics (see here). Now I am calling it a sample set because I don’t know any other way to describe it. The Precious Picks set contains their best selling (travel sized) blush, mascara and lipstick for just £10 (US $10). So I’m calling it a sample set as it’s a great way to test out these products without spending a lot of money.

Just for a comparison the mascara that comes with this set costs £21 for the full sized product while the blush is £25 and the lipstick is £20. So I honestly think this set is great value if you want to try any of these products especially if you are unsure about purchasing this brand. Tarte do a range of sets like this containing different products which I think is a great idea for new customers.

A note here to say that all these products are dermatologist tested and are vegan. The mascara has also been tested by an ophthalmologists tested and is safe to wear with contact lenses. I love this as your eyes are so sensitive and some products can be harmful or damaging to both skin and eyes so to be tested by both means its highly unlikely to cause you problems.

Anyhoo, the set comes in a cute and colourful box with the products firmly secured into a plastic mould inside it so they really aren’t going anywhere during transportation. The product containers are made out of plastic and honestly feel a little bit cheap. Personally I don’t mind this as it is a travel product and for me it’s the product that counts not what it’s stored in.

The blusher in this set is part of the Amazonian Clay range and is a 12 hour blush in the shade Ornate, described by Tarte as Rosy Coral. It’s an unscented blush with a slight shimmer to its finish meaning its perfect for that summer glow. The blush is so soft on the skin and is very pigmented so you don’t need much product. It does last many hours without having to reapply and the size is perfect for popping in your bag. My only complaint is that there is no mirror in the compact which I find odd in a TRAVEL sized blusher.

The mascara that comes in the set is Tarte’s 4-1 Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and I’m so happy with this product. Now I’m not sure I can say it’s given me an extra 330% of volume (think marketing got over enthusiastic that day) but I did notice a difference in the volume and length of my lashes. Again, you don’t need a lot of product to see a difference but using too muh can make the lashes clumpy. I’ve been wearing this for several hours and I have not noticed my lashes starting to droop which usually happens.

The lipstick is the Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick and comes in the shade Surf’s Up, described by Tarte’s website as Mauve. Personally, I wouldn’t describe the shade as mauve which in the UK is pale purple and this lipstick is quite clearly not purple. Moe of a rose or dusky pink but not PURPLE! However, the lipstick felt very smooth upon application and was easy to apply and get a neat edge without using a lip liner. I also didn’t notice too much transfer onto cuprs and glasses either. I could feel my lips drying out after a few hours but compared with other matte lipsticks it does take longer before that starts.

Overall I am really happy with all the products in this set. They live up to expectations in terms of length of wear, application and price. I have not had any skin troubles with these products which doesn’t surprise me as I don’t have sensitive skin and these have been properly tested by skin and eye doctors. After purchasing this I will definitely be buying another mascara for when this runs out and I will probably invest in some more of these blushes too.

As always below are some images to show these products in use. Thank you so much for staying with me readers. I hope you will join me for another product review in the future

Rach xx

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