GoFashional Clothing Review

Hi lovelies,

I’ve got another fashion post for you today regarding a new brand who are trying to grow on Instagram. GoFashional (see here) are based in Malaysia and offer good quality clothing that are decently priced for their uniqueness.

A note here: I was approached by GoFashional to help promote their brand but I PROMISE you this review is my honest opinion and I WILL NOT promote something I don’t like or believe it. I have bought these products with my own money in order to test and review them for you before spreading the word. There is a 10% discount code and link below if you wish to purchase any products and I make a small commission on this. I want to add that GoFashional are looking to build a community on Instagram so get in touch with them if you want to collaborate.

Before ordering I suggest you get in touch with GoFashional just to check sizes as there are no charts on their online store. Other than that it is easy to browse through items on the website and to place your order. The owner is pleasant and is happy to talk (

I ordered 2 items at full price (no discount bias reviews here): a romper and a dress. I needed different sizes for each which is why I suggest getting in touch. If you DM them on Instagram, they do respond quickly. My romper cost $45.28 and the dress $47.29 which worked out at about £60 altogether at the time of purchase. GoFashional offers free worldwide shipping and delivery was really fast (about a week). No other charges occurred either and I could pay through Paypal which is a comfort to me.

The packages were sent separately and arrived within a few days of each other which I don’t mind. Both items were well packaged and neatly folded but my romper was unthreaded. I don’t mind this as its a long job but a warning for you. You will have to thread both legs but don’t do the back. You need to get someone to help you thread the back once you’re wearing it.

The Fashion Lady Long Sleeved Romper is made from polyester and spandex so it has some stretch to it. The ribbons that come for the threading are long enough to lace the legs with whatever size gap you want to leave. It is also clear which threads are for the legs and which one was for the back. I ordered a large and it fits perfectly around the waist although it is a little loose around my ankles. The only issue I have with this are the straps are slightly too long. You can shorten them a little but the design prevents you from shortening them too much. This won’t prevent me from wearing it though.

The Off Should Elegant Sexy Party Dress is made from cotton and spandex and feels wonderful. The material is quite thick and has some stretch which you need. The halter neck helps keep the sleeves in place and holds it up so us smaller chested girls can wear it. I ordered a size medium and the fit is lovely. It is a little bit shorter than I originally thought and it does ride up a little when walking. I picked my size mostly on my breast measurements as the large size seems like it would have been way too big. However I probably could have got away with the large but the medium fit is perfect.

The seams of the romper and dress are all well made and lay flat but are well hidden. Everything is well stitched and seems strong when I pulled at them. There are very few loose threads on both garments which is good as you usually find a couple on most items of clothing.

GoFashional’s owner is lovely, she is currently running the company Instagram page and can be contacted directly by messenger. If you have spoken to her at any point she keeps you well informed of your order and tracking numbers are provided. This level of customer service is awesome especially when ordering for the first time.

Overall I am super happy with my purchases and the level of service provided. I really can’t wait to wear my items but the weather needs to warm up here first. I will definitely be ordering from GoFashional again. Above are images of me wearing my new items.

Thank you for reading. If you want purchase anything from GoFashional click this link for 15% off ( Don’t feel obliged to use this link. All the links above this paragraph will take you to the site with no discount or commission coming to me. You can add the code RachNevs later for discount.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know what you think and I hope you will join me again.

Rach xx

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