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Hi lovelies, today I thought I’d do my first ever fashion post about an amazing company on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Skye Batiks (see here) is a UK based company that has huge ties with Sri Lanka due to their founders Therssy and Gavin Major. I’m not going to give you their full history cause that’s a bit boring plus its all on their website and I encourage you to take a look

Anyway designs are based upon traditional Celtic patterns that have been Batik dyed onto cotton making each piece of fabric complete unique. The company started out with wall hangings but now produce a range of items as well as fabrics to suit everyone. If you like bold fabrics then you’ll love these guys.

So I first found this company on a family holiday to the Isle of Skye (off the West coast of Scotland) in the town of Portree we spotted a colourful window display full of bags, smocks, and skirts. The staff there are amazing honestly so open and friendly. We were even offered a warm drink when we entered which for me is top customer service. When we went back the next year we had our dog and even he was alloud in and got a drink and a biscuit too 😍😍😍

My first spot was the rack of wrap around skirts of varying lengths, colours and design. I personally love wrap around skirts as my weight can fluctuate a little around my hips so these always fit me 😍. Skirt lengths come in short (around knee length for me), medium (mid shin) and long (ankle length) and are priced according to length: £37.50, £40 and £42.50. The skirts are a one size fits all with a wrap width of 120cm.

The fabrics used for the skirts are amazing. The fabric is quite stiff to begin with but I found that this helps the skirt hang right. The fabric is of a really high quality and each design is unique due to the wax process used to dye it. I own a few of the skirts now and will probably go and buy more as I know they are going to last. My only issue with them is that you can’t wear tights under them as it causes static and the skirt just sticks to the tights.

Skye Batiks also sell Kaftans, Shirts and Trousers out of the same type of fabric used for the skirts. The designs and colours do vary a little as they cater for both sexes. I picked up a waistcoat that matched my skirt and its gorgeous as it is lined with the loomed cotton. I don’t know how often waistcoats appear in the store but they’re not listed on the website so may be more limited stock. If I remember right the waistcoat was around £30.

Skye Batiks also sell a range of Smocks and Jackets made from cotton that is handloomed on the island. There are several different styles available for each depending on your preference. The jacket I purchased is a button up but they also sell ones with a zipper. The smocks all have huge pockets in the front are really thick and warm, some have hoods and are either high necked or open necked.

The cowl and open necked smocks sell for £80, the zipper smocks sell for £82 and the hooded smocks sell for £100. This might be pretty expensive but I honestly believe they are worth every penny. The are such high quality ahome know they will last a lifetime due to the fabric. A note to add here is that if there is a jacket you like but they don’t have your size send them a message as they will make your size for you if they have the fabric. My stepdad did this when we were in store and had a delivered back home for a small charge. It took about 3-4 weeks for it to arrive which is amazing as it needed to be made.

Skye Batiks also sell a range of homeward such as tablecloths, wall hanging, cushions covers and bath mats. These are made out the same fabrics as the clothing and again are of high quality. As I haven’t purchased these I’m not reviewing them I just wanted to let you know about them.

As well as the home range, they also sell a range of accessories such as bags, tablet cases and scarves. The bags are available in a both fabrics and come in many shapes and sizes. I purchased the big tiggy bag and its my travelling companion. Its nice and strong with plenty of pockets so its great if your staying somewhere for a few nights. These bags are £50 but again they are worth the cost. I also bought one of the Therssy bags for everyday and its perfect. Got enough pockets but is secure and will last ages. This bag is £42.50 which is a little expensive for an everyday bag but it is of high quality and secure. Some of their other bags are cheaper especially for everyday wear.

Overall I am so happy and also proud to wear these items because they are so unique and the staff are amazing. Never been in a clothing store that offers that kind of customer service and I will continue shopping here just for that. The clothes although a little expensive are of amazing quality and worth every penny. I almost forgot to mention that Skye Batiks also hold a monthly photo competition for customers to share the items they’ve bought and where these items have travelled. You can email it to them or drop it off for their wall of fame which is within the store.

For once there won’t be images at the end because I’ve put them above. I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as it’s a company that I love and want to share with you guys. Please go check out their site because I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I promise this is not sponsored, it just seems like it 😊

Thanks for reading. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future.

Rach xx

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