Too Glam False Lashes

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry for the lack of regular posts recently. Ive landed a new job so life’s been a little crazy but now I’m settled in posting should resume as normal. Today I want to share a brand that has literally only just started trading.

Too glam to give a damn lashes are a UK company currently trading through Instagram and Coco Cosmetics (Click here). These are a small UK business that produces hand made lashes so stock is limited. There is only 1 style of lashes at the minute: beach babe which I have purchased for £5. As I’m in the UK postage was free.

The package arrived in a small envelope that easily fit through my letter box and was delivered within a week of placing my order. Packaged as expected for lashes, very lightweight which is great for shipping costs.

The lashes are gorgeous. They are long, thick and super soft while having a good amount of curl at the end (3D lashes). The band of the lashes is supple but seems to be pretty tough and isn’t too thick. The lashes have a decent width to them so if you have smaller eyes you may need to trim them down slightly before wearing them.

These lashes don’t come with any glue and I believe the owner stated that they didn’t feel comfortable producing glue due to the sensitive nature of the eyes. However I used the glue that came with my lashes from Primark (review coming soon) and it worked fine with the lashes.

The lashes were fairly easy to use and I only say this because some lashes are harder to manipulate than others. The length of the lashes means they are easy to manipulate with both your fingers and also tweezers or other applicators. The band did bend to my eye shape easily although I did require more glue in the corners. Once on the lashes pressed together with my natural lashes really well. I’m not the best at putting on lashes but I found these pretty easy to work with.

When the lashes were on, I found them to be a little long as I could feel them tickling my brow bone (bit annoying when you’ve just done your makeup). However this is easily fixed with some scissors and steady hands.

Overall, I am really happy with these lashes especially for the price. Easy to use and they look incredible on. I wouldn’t wear these on windy days just because of the length. Drag queens these lashes will be perfect for you!!!

Thank you for reading. Please let me know what you think and I hope you will join me for more reviews in the future. Below are some images showing the lashes been worn.

Rach xx

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