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4Ever Magic Cosmetics Brow Double Shade Gel Review

Hi lovelies,

Hope your all doing good. Today I want to share a company that I’ve been following closely on IG for several months and they launched on the 24th March this year. 4ever magic cosmetics are a US company based in California and have been really active on IG doing weekly giveaways every Thursday to promote their brand (click here). All products are cruelty free and vegan and can be purchased from their website (click here).

Note here: the week before the launch, I actually won the giveaway, believe it or not so it’s very possible for you to win. This review will be on the product I purchased but I want to mention the packaging later on.

The Double Shade Eyebrow Gel is available in 4 shades: Hocus Pocus Blonde, Mystical Taupe, Magic Dazzle Brown and Abracadabra Black. As its a double shade pot, there is a light and dark tone to each shade. I ordered the gel in the shade Magic Dazzle Brown as my brows really dark but not black. The gel also comes with 4ever Magics 2-in-1 Majestic angled and spoolie eyebrow brush.

The eyebrow gel retails for $35 and shipping to the UK was $13.30. Not bothered by this as the package was fairly heavy and needed to be signed for as it was tracked. Unfortunately there were import charges for me to pay which was around £15. This charge does NOT come from 4ever Magic and there’s nothing that can be done about this. I love that $1 from every sale goes to charities that support women and children. You also get to choose which charity to donate too from a few that are working with 4ever Magic. The brush can be purchased separately for $12.

My order was shipped within 2 days of being placed and was in the UK 8 days later. 4ever Magic kept me informed of the order status every step of the way and even informed me of the import charges before Royal Mail (UK postal service). Arrived in excellent condition due to the shipping container and bubble wrap 😀.

The packaging of the product is absolutely perfect for the brand. The brow gel and brush come in a brown and rose gold hexagonal tube. The tube has a sliding top (the brown section) and is really snug to the inner rose gold tube. Really secure so the lid’s never going to pop off. The details on the brown lid is so cute with the pattern on the bottom and 4ever Magic written in a gloss finish down the sides. All ingredients and other brand information is on this bit. The shade is on the bottom of the tube. My only issue with the packaging is that putting the brown top back on the gold tube can be tricky due to the pattern on the edge. Although pretty, it can make putting the top on a little awkward.

The packaging on the giveaway brush is also perfect with the same colour combination being used. For me, the entire branding is perfect for this company as it catches your eye. Their attention to detail is great. No issues with the lid of this tube as its really easy to replace.

On to the gel, it comes in a glass jar with a screw top and is a nice size. The jar feels heavier than expected and contains 4g of product. The two tones of product are visibly different but well matched for creating your brow. I noticed that there’s slightly more of the darker shade which is great as this will be used more than the lighter one.

The shade was perfect for me and I picked it using the swatches available their website. If your struggling to pick your shade look at the shade finder tab as the swatches for mine is a great picture for colour. They also have a chart describing how to choose your shade based on your natural hair and brow colour as well as skin tone (its easy to understand). I’m so happy that they’ve provided plenty of ways to pick your shade as I know this is the hardest part of internet shopping.

The gel is really creamy and is so easy to apply using the 2-in-1 brush. The lines are so sharp when outlining your brows and you don’t need much product. I’ve been trying out the brush with my old powder and the lines are still sharp. I noticed I had less to tidy with my concealer when using the brush and even less when using the gel with the brush. Honestly, putting on my brows has never been so stress free.

According to 4ever Magics website, this gel is smudge proof, water resistant and long lasting. It states that this gel can last several days as it can only be removed with make up remover. I’m really sorry to say that this isn’t 100% true for me. Unfortunately the gel does transfer if you touch it and will smudge if you have an itch. I managed to wipe it off with water pretty easily as well. I do have really oily skin and didn’t apply anything to my brows before using so this may have contributed to this. I also don’t have much hair to my brows and this may have made it easier to move.

However I’ve been wearing this for a week now, all day at work and it does last. Working 9 hours in retail and it looks as good as when it was applied.The photos here show the product after application, after 4, 8 and 12 hours of wear and after sleeping in the gel (the last 2). I noticed that the gel stayed on the brow with the most hair better after sleeping. Sorry for the weird faces in the pics it was a rough day 😅.

Overall I am really happy with the gel and brush despite not performing as described for me. The packaging is great and the pot containing the gel seems strong enough. The product is long lasting and easy to use. Even though I’ve been wearing it a week, there’s only a small dent in the dark shade so I know it will last me ages. I will definitely be purchasing this gel again as its so easy.

Thank you for reading this review. I hope you enjoyed it and that you will join me for more in the future.

Rach xx

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