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W7 Eye got the Power Primer Review

Hi Lovelies,

Believe it or not but this is my first EVER primer 😱. Yea I know, shocking ain’t it but priming is recently gained knowledge to me. I’ve always struggled with creasing and it only got worse with concealer and foundation so I didn’t want to spend loads on something I wasn’t sure would even work. I would just like to add that W7 are a UK brand and are a cruelty free company.

I bought this on a whim while searching for an eye-shadow palette from Just Essentials (see here). Cost me £2.99 but I’m unsure of delivery costs as I bought a couple of items. I had a look on W7s website and it costs £5.95 but there are no details regarding the size or weight of the product.

The tube is small however I didn’t need much of the primer in order to prep my eyes so I think it will last a while which is great for the price that I paid.

There are two different shades of this primer; temptation and natural. I bought temptation which is described as a matte, pale nude shade and is a little light for my skin tone. Natural is described as a darker nude shade that dries clear when blended.

I chose Temptation as I have very red lids and wanted to brighten them up to show the colours in my shadows. For me this worked as it had very good coverage and was so pale.

The primer is quite thick but feels very lightweight once on. I did have to set this with a powder to stop it from creasing but it provided a nice base for working on my eyes. I applied this using a flat concealer brush but I found tapping it on worked better than “painting” it on.

I’d also suggest tapping it onto your eye with your finger which works well. Beauty blenders also work really well and this is how I apply my primer.

Now the results vary depending on how you set the primer. I’ve found that colours look brighter when applied directly to the wet primer although it can be harder to blend out when doing this. When set with a setting powder, colours are still pretty bright and it is much easier to blend your shadows out. However, I’ve found that certain powders can cause a chalky appearance to your primed eye so I tend to use a neutral shadow as this works more often for me.

Overall I am happy with this primer although having never used one before I have nothing for comparison. It did stop my shadows from creasing for most of the day and took the discolouration from my lids which does allow the colours to stand out more. I will probably purchase this again as well as testing out more of their products.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this review and will join me for more in the future. Below is a picture of a look with primer on one eye and not the other.

Rach 😘😘

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