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Sugarpill Pretty Poison Review-U4EA

Hi lovelies,

This week I’ve been playing with my new Sugarpill Lipstick. The bullet lipstick will be unavailable when the stock is gone but this particular shade will still be available in liquid form. I got the U4EA Pretty Poison Lipstick from Beauty Bay (see here) but it is also available directly from Sugarpill (see here). As with all Sugarpill products, the lipstick is cruelty-free and vegan friendly. All ingrediants can be found on the packaging as well as on the website.

Now anyone that has read my reviews before will know that I hate import charges and that is the ONLY reason why I buy from a supplier rather than directly from the manufacturer. All the pretty poison shades cost the same: £14 from BB and $18 from Sugarpill. Delivery is free on UK orders over £15 from BB.

As always, I have to mention the packaging but this is definitely the best packaging I’ve come across for a simple bullet lipstick. To start, the lipstick comes in a little pink box that has Pretty Poison emblazoned on it in a sparkly silver. Also this is written in the same font as the Sugarpill logo. The shade name is written on a sticker that is on the bottom of the box keeping the box more secure as well which I love. The Sugarpill heart can be found on the top of the box and when you open it, there’s another heart that says “Hi Cutie”.

Now we all know by now that I love it when a brand’s packaging completely matches or compliments the brand itself. For me, the packaging of the lipstick just fits Sugarpill’s entire brand perfectly and this even makes you feel a little special when you read the message. Just to add to the perfection of the packaging, the bullet lipstick looks like a pill with a white and pink tube also containing the Sugarpill heart.

So onto the lipstick itself. Sugarpill describe U4EA to be “a super saturated, darkened matte teal” and it’s a great description for this shade. It is a gorgeous teal colour, darker than the tradition teal colour we see for clothing etc. It is super pigmented so you don’t need much for that amazing colour and it glides on smoothly. Its also really versatile and you can wearing numerous colours with it.

I did experience some feathering around the edges of my lips as I can’t find a lip liner that matches well enough. I tried lining my lips with this using a brush but that didn’t help as I struggled to get clean lines. I’m pretty certain that’s due to my lack of skill rather than the lipstick regarding getting clean lines.

I wore this for many hours over several days which gave me plenty of time to review it. I did notice a small amount of transfer not long after application but this didn’t last long. I also wore this to a family BBQ and I have to admit, it didn’t hold up well. It’s not really surprising considering how I can eat but this probably wasn’t the best place to test it.

When trying it out again, the lipstick did last better and the colour remained longer. The lipstick is super creamy and does become more matte after application, in comparison with other bullet lipsticks which I love. It’s not as drying as the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried before (see Sugarpill xLTS review) which I am soo happy about because I’m beginning to love matte lipstick but they often cause my lips to get too dry.

After testing this wear really easy to remove and it didn’t stain my lips. It didn’t cause any drying, cracking or irritation to my lips at all. It didn’t even stain my skin.

Overall I am happy with the lipstick and honestly a little disappointed knowing it will be discontinued as a bullet. Get it while you can. The packaging is so cute and perfect for the product and completely matches the brand. The lipstick is really high quality and very pigmented. The colour is so unique and will probably suit most skin types.

Thanks for reading. I really hope that you enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Below are some images of the product being worn by itself and with various shimmers over the top.

Rach 😘😘

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