Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

Back to my usual makeup post today. Now I know there’s been loads (understatement) of drama surrounding MannyMUA in recent times but I still bought this palette with my OWN money (before all of this) so I just wanna ask you to judge the palette not the creator. All this drama is no reflection on the quality of the make-up and as I bought it to review for you, I would consider it a waste of money to not use it (he’s already got my pennies). Disclaimer done.

I ordered my palette from Beauty Bay (my favourite supplier of all things happy) with a whopping 30% discount so I picked this bad boy up for £25. Usual retail price of £37, UK customers will receive free postage and you can check that out here. As always delivery was fast and safe with Hermes.

To start with the packaging is everything and I love it. It comes in a reflective box with the brand and palette names on the front. The palette design itself I also love. For me, the eyes really make the palette stand out from others and the reflective finish is everything. The brand name is on the back which is so simple and gorgeous. There’s a miror on the inside lid of the palette. It’s a little small for me but I do love the “be a queen” message on it.

The size of the palette is good and seems to be pretty solid. You get 14 shades and a dual ended brush within the palette and all the shade names are perfect. All the shades names are words associated with the drag community ranging shady to kaikai to fishy. The shade range is great. Only 2 are foiled and the rest are all matte with both neutral and bright shades as well as the traditional black and white.

The shadows are all super creamy and are well pigmented. All of the matte shades are easily blendable and the shades work well together. The foiled shadows are best applied with a wet brush or your finger to get an amazing shine. They also work really well with all the matte shades. I was really impressed with the shades Campy and Cake Face (yellow and white). I’ve found that many yellow and white shadows do no manage to achieve good pigmentation once on the skin. For me, my favourite shade in the palette is Trade which is a deep purple brown shade that looks fabulous around the outer corner.

With the swatches, I noticed that certain shades did need a double swipe to really stand out. Those shades were Sickning, Campy, Kiki and Kaikai. I noticed a small amount of staining to my skin when using Kaikai and Snatched although it was worse with Kaikai. All of the shades stood out more with an eye primer than without for me but as mentioned before I do have dark pigmentation on my lids and under eye.

The brush that comes with it isn’t one I’ll be reaching for. The flat brush end I do kind of like as it’s great for packing colour into my crease. However when trying to build up colours, the blending brush end takes up too much of the underneath layers when you are trying to blend making it look really muddy.

Overall, I am happy with this palette from Lunar Beauty. The quality and pigmentation of the eyeshadows are pretty good I just wish some of the shades didn’t stain my skin. However, the staining is minimal if you use a primer which I would definitely recommend. The packaging is sturdy and well made so I am certain my shadows are well protected.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have found this review helpful and that you will join me for more in the future. Below are some images of looks created using this palette.

Rach xx

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