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Ofra Cosmetics x Nikki Tutorials Highlighter Review

Hi lovelies,

Yea turns out I lied again about the affordable makeup. I’m really sorry guys but with all this amazing makeup coming out I just can’t help myself from buying the more expensive stuff. Ok I lied again, I bought this in another Beauty Bay sale and I got a whole £9 off (how could I not).

As soon as I saw this on NikkiTutorials channel (this video I believe), I needed to get this highlighter only because I don’t want to use all my Sugarpill x Little Twin Stars palette (shameless plug but you can check out that review here).

The Ofra x NikkiTutorials highlighters are available in 2 shades: space baby and cloud 9. I purchased cloud 9 because I prefer a pink tinted highlighter over a silver highlighter (that’s space baby). Both highlighters are available on Beauty Bay (see here) and retail for £25 for 10g. You will get free UK delivery from BeautyBay and my order was delivered within 2 days. As always it was safely packed.

The packaging is nice and simple. The highlighter comes with an outer box that contains the brand name in the top corner and a collab sticker with Nikki’s brand. The sides of the outer box also contain the Ofra logo and all the product information is written on the back. The highlighter case is plastic but it feels very sturdy and the lid has a magnetic closure which is pretty strong. The basic product details are on the back of the case and there is a mirror set into the lid. The pan is also pretty big so you use a larger brush.

The Cloud 9 highlighter is a baked highlighter and is described as a pearlescent pink with silver reflects. The description is perfect, much better than the image used on beauty bay to represent this shade. It’s really hard to capture the pink hue on camera even when searching but you don’t need a lot to have a blinding, pink toned glow on the skin. The first image below really shows the pink hue but the base colour looks more like the second.

To the touch, Cloud 9 is beautifully soft and silky. There is a small amount of fallout within the pan but none on the skin. It glides onto the skin and blends in beautifully. You can get both a subtle look and a blinding glow depending how much you decide to wear. I’ve noticed that you can achieve a blinding glow easier with a fan brush rather than a fluffy brush although this highlighter is buildable so you can achieve that glow with any brush. I use a fluffy brush when I want a more subtle glow to my skin.

Now, I need to go back to the colour of this highlighter because I adore it so much. Even when using a small amount you can see the pink hue when the light hits it. Out of the light you cannot see this powder on your skin which is the best kind of highlighter for me. As I said above, you don’t need a lot to have a blinding glow but building up this highlighter gives you the most amazing pink that reflects almost purple. It doesn’t feel heavy or oily on the skin no matter how much you build it up.

I’ve been wearing this highlighter pretty much everywhere depending on the occasion. I love wearing this on my cheekbones, inner corners and cupids bow on a daily basis when I keep it to a subtle glow. For more glam days, this also goes on my brow bone, nose and collarbone, with a brighter glow.

Overall, I am loving this highlighter. The price is a little excessive for a highlighter but you do get plenty for your money. The packaging is sturdy and is well made for transporting this in your bag. The formula is creamy and soft and blends beautifully into the skin. It also has the most amazing colour. Most importantly for this price, you don’t need to use much to achieve an insane highlight. I’m not sure whether I’ll purchase the Space Baby collab highlighter but I will be checking out more of Ofra’s range.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Below I’ve tried to capture the amazing hue of this highlight.

Rach xx

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