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Sarazaar Cosmetics High Shine Foil Pigments Review

Hi lovelies,

This is one might be a little bit longer today as I have three pigments from Sarazaar Cosmetics to review for you. I first found this UK company on Instagram (see here) due to a video of one of their pigments and immediately fell in love and needed to purchase it. Since then, I’ve had to purchase some more because I loved the first so much.

All of these pigments can be purchased from their website (see here) and they offer worldwide shipping for those across the sea. Standard shipping within the UK (tracked delivery) will cost you £4.55 and express shipping (24/48 hour) costing £7.50. Your order comes in a sparkley padded envelop so they are protected during transit.

All three pigments come in the same packaging but with different colours of the outer box. Mystique comes in a blue box but the other two come in a standard black box with the company name on top. They come in the cutest little jar with a screw lid and a funnel stopper so you don’t spill this everywhere.

The first one to attract my attention was the High Shine Foil Pigment in the shade Mystique. This one is a little bit pricey at £11.50 for 2 grams of product however that will probably last you a lifetime. It can be used dry or mixed with a medium all over the body apart from the lips.

Described as a “unique deep blue pigment with holographic reflects” this one was a beautiful video on Instagram (see here). Seriously, this is how it looks in life too. It is the most beautiful shade of blue with sparkles of red, green, blue and silver. This pigment is so fine and very silky to the touch.

The next pigment to attract my attention was the Galactic Queen High Shine Foil pigment. The formula looks very similar to the shade Mystique in terms of the holographic reflects however this one is a deep purple shade. It is a very fine pigment and soft and silky to the touch. This one is also £11.99 for 2 grams.

Both look fantastic when dry (see here) but also when used wet (see here). Sarazaar recommend using either Mac Fix Plus or Urban Decay setting spray. I’ve never tried them wet tbh but dry I either use a body glitter glue or just my P.Louise base to make it stick.

I also purchased the shade Chestnut. This one is a copperesque shade with reflects of gold. Although this one didn’t catch my eye on Instagram it looks amazing dry (see here). The reflects in this shade are much more subtle than the other two but it is still as gorgeous.

Like this others, this is very fine and silky to the touch. Unlike the others, however, this pigment is a little cheaper costing £7.99 for 2 grams.

All three pigments are picked up on the brush very well and apply to the eye easily. They leave a smooth finish despire the reflects in the pigments. There is fallout under the eye but that’s to be expected considering they are loose pigments.

I haven’t experienced any issues when using these pigments even on my eye lids. There’s been no staining or irritation from the reflects and they are easy to remove. They can transfer a little bit especially if you have have hooded eyes like me.

Overall, I am super happy with my purchases from Sarazaar Cosmetics and I will continue to buy their products. These pigments will last a lifetime for the price and are great quality. The pigmentation and shine is immense with no issues to the eye.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you have enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Don’t forget to hit the like button or add a comment, you could even subscribe if you loved it. Below are a couple of images of the pigments in use.


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