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NYX HD Finishing Powder and HD Photogenic Concealer Review

Hi lovelies,

Something a little different today but still makeup related. Other than my Jeffree Star addiction, I also have an addiction to Nyx Cosmetics, I’ve just barely wrote about them before for some reason. What I love the most about NYX is that they are good quality and affordable products that last a decent time.

One of the first products I tried from NYX was the HD Photogenic Studio finishing powder. You can get this from the NYX website (see here) and Boots (see here) for the price of £9. You get 6 grams of product for this price. It comes in a study jar but I wouldn’t advise travelling with it unless you keep it flat. This is only because of the uncovered holes in the partition within the jar. The powder is so fine that you get a cloud of it from opening the jar.

The powder comes in only 1 shade; white but the website describes this as suitable for all skin tones. The description on the jar states that this will leave your skin looking radiant and luminous while absorbing oil. This powder sits great on the skin but be sure you don’t use too much. It can leave you with flashback in photos so don’t be baking with this one.

The powder works over other brands of foundation, concealer and cream contour including dewy foundations. It sets your base perfectly and isn’t disturbed when adding bronzer, highighter and blush.

The second NYX product that I tried was the HD Photogenic Concealer wand. This one retails for £6 and comes in 17 shades including a few colour correcting shades. You get 3g of product and it is packaged like most concealers. You can also get this from the NYX website (see here).

This is described on the website as been lightweight while having medium to heavy coverage. It’s meant to cover discolouration, imperfections and dark circles without been cakey. I agree with most of this; it is lightweight with decent coverage for dark circles. It is buildable if you need more coverage.

It applies well under the eye, I either blend it out with a brush or my finger to get the best coverage. I’ve found I lose coverage by using a beauty sponge with this one. However, all three application techniques leave you with a smooth flawless base. This doesn’t crease when set with the HD finishing powder.

I’ve tried 2 different shades of this concealer. The first one was a freebie in the shade CW00. Not sure if it has another name as I can’t find this one anywhere. Such a shame because I loved it for highlighting areas of my face.

I’ve also tried the shade CW01 which is porcelain. If you discount the freebie shade, this is the lightest shade available. Although it is pale, it could be much paler especially since it does oxidize quite a bit.

Overall, I am loving both of these products. Like I mentioned above, you can’t bake with the powder but it does give you a beautifully set base. It works well with a huge range of products. The concealer is lightweight and buildable with good coverage.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you have enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Don’t forget to hit the like button or add a comment, you could even subscribe if you loved it. Below is an image of both products used together.


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