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BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Rio Edition eyeshadow palette review.

Hi lovelies,

Another beauty I bought, all the way back in November during the Black Friday sale. Yeah I clearly have too much makeup. I meant to buy the original Take Me Back to Brazil but I didn’t read the page properly. Should I buy the matte palette or not? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always, this palette was purchased from Beauty Bay for £20 (see here) but this is also available from the BH Cosmetics website for $20 (see here). Free shipping from Beauty Bay on the purchase of this palette. This did take a while to arrive as I ordered this during one of their huge sales. It arrived in a well packaged box and fully protected during transit.

The palette comes with an outer cardboard sleeve that has the same design as the palette. All palette information including ingredients can be found on the back of both so you don’t need to keep the outer sleeve. I love the design on the palette, it brings the theme of rio to life. The packaging on the palette seems sturdy enough and the lid is magnetic meaning it will stay closed. There is also a mirror in the lid that is protected.

The Rio Edition is a 35 shade shimmer palette that contains 2 duochromes and a matte black to complete your look. It contains all the colours of the rainbow in shimmer form. The shades look pretty similar to the original palette which I think is perfect. The eyeshadows all have a decent amount of pigment and shine to them. They are all soft and buttery to the touch.

For once, I didn’t swatch all the shades in the palette because I didn’t really need to. All the ones swatched peformed the same; easy to swipe, good pigment. When applying to the eye, they perform best using a damp flat brush or your finger. You can also build up these shimmers giving you a more vibrant finish to your eyes.

Overall, I am really happy with this palette and I’m seriously considering buying the original matte one too. The packaging is well designed and sturdy with a decent sized mirror in the lid of the palette. There is a great range of shades that will allow you to finish off any look.

Thanks for reading. I reall hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Don’t forget to hit the like button or add a comment, you could even subscribe if you loved it. Below are some images of this palette in use.

Rach xx

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