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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

So I got this palette in my 2019 holiday mystery box (see review here) but I thought it deserved a full review so here we are.

As this came in my mystery box, I can’t really judge the delivery of this. It did take over a month arrive however it was a busy time for JSC and it did come from the US. So yeah, no judgements.

You can pick this palette up from Beauty Bay (see here) and also the Jeffree Star website although I think it is sold out. It retails for £45 and will probably get to you quickly any other time of the year.

This palette was from the 2018 Summer Collection and is packaged in the orange ice cream design of that year. It even arrived in the ice cream tissue paper. The unicarton is bright orange with raised water droplets and the componant packaging also matches this. There is a huge mirror on the inner lid and there is a protector between that and the pans.

Thirsty is a 15 shade palette containing 10 mattes and 5 metallics. There is a nice mix of neutral and colourful shades although it is slightly too neutral for my taste. I love the shades of the metallic shadows and I’m certain they’ll go with any look done from this palette.

When doing the swatches, some of the lighter shades did need a few swipes to build up the pigment. Most of the shadows felt silky and buttery to touch with the exception of filthy rich and plunge. They had a slight gritty feel to them with the glitter particles being bigger.

On the eye, these shadows performed really well. They were highly pigmented while still been easy to blend. Even the glitter applied pretty easily although I’d advise using a damp brush or your finger. The glitters have an amazing shine.

There is very little kickback in the pans from all of the shades even though they pick up on the brush well. The glitters do have a small amount of fallout under the eye but that’s to be expected especially with the ones with larger particles.

Overall, I am happy with the Thirsty palette but not ecstatic. Although its the same high quality as the other JS palettes, this one just doesn’t excite me that much. That’s possibly because I’ve become a JS snob with his newer products.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you have enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Have this palette…send us your looks and product images for an IG feature. Don’t forget to hit that like button or even add a comment. Maybe even the subscribe button if you loved it. Below are some images of the palette in use.

Rach x

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