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Beauty Bay Microfibre Sponge-2 pack Review

Hi lovelies,

I’ve got another beauty tools review for you. I needed some more beauty sponges and thankfully Beauty Bay had an offer on for skin items. I’ve been wanting to try out a microfibre sponge as I don’t particularly like normal beauty sponges.

These are only available from the Beauty Bay website (see here) and retail for £8. Pretty expensive for sponges when I’ve been playing with a £1 4-pack from Primark (they pretty damn good, I’ll review when/if I replace). Don’t forget, you get free delivery with orders over £20.

The packaging is really minimalist which I’ve come to expect from Beauty Bay products. The sponges come in a dual compartment box covered with a card sleeve. It’s sturdy enough for holding your sponges

The sponges are cruelty free, vegan and latex free that combines the benefits of both brush and sponge. According to the website, the velvety texture maximises coverage to leave you with an airbrushed effect while reducing product absorption. The Microfibre sponge can also be used wet or dry depending on your preference.

Wet and Dry Comparison

The size of the sponge is a little too small for my liking even when damp (it does expand when wet). I like them a bit bigger in the booty for doing my full face however the pointed edge is perfect for getting into those hard to reach areas around the eyes and nose.

Size Comparison to Glossybox Sponge

For applying the base, the sponges work really well at distributing the product while not absorbing too much. They don’t blend products out patchy in any way nor do they lift the products underneath. Be careful though as it is easy to apply too much product especially your liquids. For me, personally, I still prefer to apply my foundation using a brush but I love a quick pat over with the sponge to ensure a smooth base.

New Sponges-Old Technique

When using these sponges under the eyes, for concealer and powder, I do notice less texture in my skin as well as a smoother blend between products. This is compared to my usual technique of using a large kabuki brush to set my undereyes and cheap sponges for the rest of my face.

Overall, I am super happy with the Beauty Bay Microfibre Sponge. Even happier that they were a freebie but I’ll definitely be purchasing these in the future. They are good at applying and even better at blending and softening. I noticed reduced texture particularly under the eyes when applying powder. The sponges didn’t absorb too much product and didn’t sheer out my foundation coverage.

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Rach xx

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