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Makeup Revolution Colour Book Shadow Palette CB01 Review

Hi lovelies,

I’ve been looking to increase my collection of grey shadows for my body painting endeavours and this really caught my eye when scolling through Beauty Bay. I picked this up around the time of the Cremated palette launch so there will be some comparison between the two.

You can purchase the CB01 Colour Book Shadow Palette from the Makeup Revolution website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (see here). The palette retails for £15 and you get quick delivery from both companies. I think Makeup Revolution has had a couple of launches recently so delivery may take a few days longer than usual.

This Colour Book Shadow Palette is part of a range of palettes, each focusing on a specific range of colours. I love this idea for if you’re looking for a particular shade but you don’t want a full rainbow palette. There are 5 different colour book palette available with the CB01 being the grey scale palette focusing on black, grey, silver and white tones.

The packaging is very typical of Makeup Revolution; minimalistic and practical. The palette comes in an outer box striped to match the colour scheme inside. All product information including the ingredients can be found on the back of the box. There’s a bubble wrap pocket inside the box to protect the palette during delivery. The palette has the same design as the outer box with some basic information on the back.

The palette itself is duo sided with a protector in the centre. It contains 48 shades; 24 mattes and 24 shimmers to make the ultimate grey scale palette. Some of the shimmer shades are pressed pigments and apply slightly differently (basically better with your finger). There are no shade names which usually bothers me but not in this case. I mean how do you name shades so similar. It is slightly heavier than most palettes and is a but uncomfortable to hold up for long periods of time.

When doing the swatches, I was pretty unimpressed (I can’t lie). However, I had just played with Cremated which swatched like a dream so that may have made me feel more Meh about these. One layer of colour from the mattes was a little bit wishy washy and two didn’t look much better. The lighter shimmers swatched smoother than the darker ones which behaved more like the matte shades.

On the eye, the shadows perform really well. They aren’t the most pigmented as seen in the swatches but they do build up to really nice shades with a few layers. They blend together easily although they do lose some colour when blending. One thing, you don’t lose the different undertones when you are blending. You can tell the green-grey from the brown-grey. The shimmer are really subtle on the eye but are so pretty. They are easier to apply with your finger than a brush to really get them to shine.

This palette has been instrumental for my Halloween preparations. This year, I’ve been focussed on body painting which requires a lot of shading and this palette has been perfect for that. The pigment of the shadows is just right for building up the creases in clothing so of course, it’s been used in every look this year.

Overall, I am so happy with this palette from Makeup Revolution. The palette is priced so well for what you’re getting. The packaging is minimalistic but sufficient to protect your shadows. It is a little heavy and can make your wrist ache after a while so maybe not suitable for working MUAs. There is a nice range of shades and tones and you can see the differences when applied to the eye. They blend nicely but you do have to layer up the shades to get good pigment. Due to the pigment of the shadows, they are perfect for effects makeup.

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Rach xx

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