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The Renatural Wig Fix Review

Hi lovelies,

So Instagram ads got me again with an eyecatching product. Trouble is I’ve seen this product being advertised by many companies that use the Renatural advert and information. Not exactly fair to just rip off another company so always do some checking. Thankfully I managed to find the ORIGINAL company online due to crappy editing from rip-off companies keeping the original watermark on the ad.

You can pick up the Wig Fix from the Renatural website (see here). It retails for £25 with £2 UK delivery. The Renatural does deliver worldwide but delivery charges do vary depending on the receiving country. Order was shipped and arrived within a week of ordering which I’m impressed with considering the pandemic and all.

The packaging is nice and simple. The Wig Fix comes in sealable pouch to keep it safe and easy to pop into your bag. As you know silicone can collect debris when left out so I love that it comes with a pouch. You also get sent an information card with horw to use and care for your wig fix to get the best out of it.

Unlike the other companies advertising this on IG, The Renatural wig fix is available in 5 shades; transparent, fair, tan, medium and deep. I grabbed mine in transparent as the rest were sold out but I love that this is available in other shades. After all, you can see through the parting of a wig so you want something that blends into your skin tone. For me, I can’t see the transparent wig fix through my wig partings but my wigs don’t have a huge parting.

According to the website, this is a wonder product for those who wear wigs regularly. This is made from silicone that is hypoallergenic, breathable and lightweight. It’s designed to specifically protect your scalp and promote natural hair growth. The Wig Fix is also a universal size so it should fit the majority of heads sizes. The website also describes this as headache resistant and reusable for 2 years.

I’ve been testing this for a couple of weeks now around the house. If you wear wigs regularly you probably won’t notice this underneath but it did feel a little constricting the first few times I wore it. However, I did get used to it after a few wears and didn’t notice an increase of headaches or pressure after that. I would like to point out here that it took me some time getting used to wearing just a wig because I can suffer bad with headaches.

I have to say this does hold onto your wig pretty well although I won’t be going on any rollercoasters. You can actually pull on the wig without it slipping at all and not a gentle tug either. However, when I flipped my hair the wig did slip back a small amount-just enough to expose the band underneath. It didn’t fly off and there was nothing else keeping this wig on my head, just the wig combs and the wig fix. So I’m pretty impressed.

I need to add here that currently I have really long hair which can often change how a wig sits on your head. This may have contributed to the wig slipping as the website does say you need a snug fit to really get the benefit of this product. However, for day-to-day wear this will probably suffice in securing your wig without having to use glue. I did get a video and I’m sorry for quality an also how long it took to get my wig on haha. It was nts without a mirror.

For me, I find there’s only one product that comes close to this and that’s the velvet grip which seems sort of pointless. It looks thick and I know velvet can be warm so I’m not sure I’d want this on my head along with my wig. The Wig Fix is thin and doesn’t cause any unnecessary pressure or heat under the wig. I mean can you see the Wig Fix in this photo?

Overall, I’m really happy with The Renatural Wig Fix. It did take a bit of getting used too the first few times of wear but it was no worse than getting used to a wig. It’s thin and breathable meaning there’s no extra heat produced by wearing it. For everyday wear, this is perfect for securing your wig if you don’t want to use glue however for performances you may want to use a little glue for added security. Be sure to keep it clean though as a greasy wig fix is a less effective wig fix.

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Rach xx

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