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Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

So, we have a bday present from our amazing contributor Karen; thank you so much. I’ve been wanting to try Urban Decay for the longest time I just keep forgetting to buy from them.

You can purchase the Naked Reloaded palette from the Urban Decay website (see here) as well as from Boots (here) and Look Fantastic (here). This retails for £39 (thank you Karen) and this will qualify you for free UK delivery with Boots and Look Fantastic. Having shopped with both recently, you’ll get it quicker with LF.

I absolutely love the design of the packaging although I’m not sure how to describe the pattern. It’s the same on both the outer box and palette. The outer box also contains the ingredients list as well as the colour story and shade names. The palette has a padded top and feels well made with some weight to it. There is also a magnetic closure and a mirror in the lid.

The Naked Reloaded is a 12 pan neutral palette containing everything you need for your daily routine. This palette has 6 matte shades, 3 metallics and 3 iridescent shimmers. There is a mix of warm and cool tones across all shadow types making them pretty versatile. Other than a bright peach, the colour story consists of various browns and gold that should work well on all skin tones.

When doing the swatches, the shadows felt soft and silky to touch with the exception of Dreamweaver. That has a bit of a clumpy feel to it but it was still soft and swiped smoothly. In fact all 12 shades swatched evenly with good colour differentiation between them. There is also a clear difference in texture between the metallic and shimmers.

On the eye, the shadows performed really well. There is a lot of kickback in the pan for most of the mattes shades but I can handle this as there’s little fallout under the eye. You get the most fallout with the darkest shades and the metallics. The mattes shades are very pigmented but are still easy to blend. The shades work well together and are buildable. The metallics and shimmers are just gorgeous-some are subtle, some are blinding but all apply well. The shimmers apply best with a brush but you can use your finger with the metallics. I think I got a minimum of 8 hours wear before they started creasing.

Overall, I am so happy with this palette and cannot thank Karen enough. The packaging has a lovely pattern and is all well made and sturdy. There is a good mix of matte to reflective formulas and each are soft and pigmented. They are easy to blend and buildable for a more dramatic look.

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Rach xx

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