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Sample Beauty The Equalizer Volume 1 Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

I was really, really, REALLY bad on Black Friday….like seriously bad. But at least I got content for a couple of months so I suppose it’s not all bad. I’ve been trying to find some different brands to try and scrolling through Beauty Bay, this one really caught my eye.

You can purchase the Equalizer Volume 1 palette from the Sample Beauty website (see here) and also Beauty Bay (see here). Full price, this retails for £22 but with BF sales I grabbed this for £13. Always a good time to go makeup shopping. Shipping from Beauty Bay was surprisingly quick for this time of year. This palette is cruelty free and vegan.

The packaging is minimalistic with a matte black background and glossy text. The palette is not as thick and bulky as the box makes you think, there’s bubble wrap inside for additional protection. All product information including the ingredients list is on the outer box. The palette itself is a nice weight and size with a decent sized mirror on the lid. The lid also has a magnetic closure to keep those shades protected.

This is a 30 pan palette that contains 15 mattes and 15 shimmers. I love the layout of the colour story and the shade names are just the cutest. Honestly this rainbow collection really leapt out of the screen at me which is hard when you look at as much makeup as me. Each matte has a corresponding shimmer and you even have a couple of neutral shades in the middle for day wear.

When doing the arm swatches, some of the matte shades felt a little bit chalky to the touch but they were all pretty pigmented with one layer. The shimmers are amazing. The green and pink with the glitter particles are really pigmented. The rest of the shimmers are full on shine and felt like butter. They applied smoothly with a single layer and look incredible.

On the eye, the shadows perform pretty well but you do have to apply them softly and build up that pigment otherwise they can go a bit patchy when blending. I noticed this mostly with the blue shades but this technique of buffing and blending works well for the whole palette. I did struggle initially to make these shades work for me but after switching up my technique it is great. The shimmers apply well and blend together easily. I only noticed the shadows creasing after 6 hours of wear which is fricking amazing on my oily and creased lids.

Overall, I am really happy with my purchase from Sample Beauty and I will definitely be buying more from them in the future. It’s not a hugely expensive palette at £22 for 30 shades and it is worth every penny. The packaging is simple but effective and the shade names are just the best. If you love rainbow palettes then you’ll probably love this colour story. It took a few tries to find the best technique for this palette but the buff, blend and build way was the best for me. The shades were pigmented and easy to blend together and the shimmers look gorgeous.

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Rach xx

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