Lottie London Face Items…4 Product Review

Hi lovelies,

I wasn’t really sure how to go about reviewing these products coz I wasn’t sure they needed a full one each. Be sure to let me know in the comments how you find this one.

So I got 3 of these products in that big Lottie London bundle a few months ago and I picked up the bronzer during the Black Friday sales. I’ll try and make this all as easy as possible. You can purchase the primer, highlighter and bronzer from the Look Fantastic website. The primer and bronzer are also available from the Lottie London website. I can’t find the blush anywhere but ASOS and it’s out of stock so I think it may have been discontinued. I’ve found that delivery is quicker with Lottie London than with LookFantastic however LF often have discounts.

Lottie London packaging is always minimalistic but adequate. The primer comes in a plastic tube that is squeezeable with a fine nozzle for application. The screw cap holds the product inside even when standing upright. Both the bronzer and highlighter come in a compact that clips tightly and are a good size. The packaging is not too heavy and sturdy enough to travel. The blush is clearly a refill pan for a compact but I love how it’s packaged. The plastic cover does snap shut so you can keep it in this if you don’t have a compact for it.

The Before Anything Else Illuminating Primer retails for £7.95 for 29ml of product. This is water-based, vegan primer that is enriched with Vitamin C. It should give an even skin-tone, smooth the skin texture and prolongs makeup wear. This is has a fairly runny consistency that makes application easy. The primer soaked into the skin quickly but it did leave a slight residue. It did smooth some skin texture in particular reducing visible pores but I didn’t notice any evening of my skin tone. It adds a subtle glow to the skin without being overly sparkley or greasy looking.

The Tan Time bronzer compact retails for £5.95 for 9g of product and is available in 2 shades. I picked up light medium and thought it would be way to dark when it arrived. It’s actually fine but I have to be light handed with it so I’m not sure how it would work for fairer complexions. This adds a gorgous sunkissed finish to your skin without being shimmery at all. This is a vegan, matte bronzer.

The Mermaid Glow Rainbow highlighter retails for £5.95 for 9g of product. This is a multicoloured highlighter which I was slightly worried about as I wasn’t sure what colour it would turn. However, there is barely any pigment to colours so when you swirl and apply you just get this gorgeous gold sheen. There’s no colour tint when there’s no light hitting it although it does highlight skin texture.

The Blush Crush pan contains 4g of product and this is the shade Nick. This is a pink based blush and contains quite a lot of gold shimmer particles. This is quite pigment and applies smooth and evenly. You get a subtle glow with this so it pairs perfectly with the bronzer above.

Overall, I am over the moon with these products from Lottie London and use each on a regular basis. The primer is probably my least liked of the bunch although there’s nothing wrong with it. For me the bronzer is a winner; used it for every face since purchasing and find it really finished off a look. The blush is a great addition to any collection if only you could get it. The highlighter doesn’t really deliver on the rainbow aspect but it’s not a bad highlighter.

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Rach xx

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