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P.Louise Makeup Academy Love Tapes Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

Here’s another one from my Black Friday haul and I’ve been eyeing this one since its release. For me you can never have too many shades of red and pink shadows.

The Love Tapes palette is available from the P.Louise website (see here) but is only available to ship to the UK for some reason. This retails for £42 with £3.50 for standard delivery but thankfully clear pay is available. Delivery didn’t take too long either which was surprising considering the event. Oh I love that we had specially designed shipping boxes for Black Friday too.

I absolutely love the packaging for this although it does have some weight to it. There’s no way you’ll be holding this one up while you work. Designed to look like an video tape this is a pretty big palette. It comes with a card unit carton that displays the front of the palette but holds it securely in place for delivery. The classic P.Louise script is on the back and sides of all the packaging. All product information including the ingredients list can be found on the back of the carton and palette.

This is a 20 pan palette containing 18 eyeshadows and 2 highlighters. There are only 2 glitter eyeshadows in this with the rest being matte. I kind of wish there were more glitter shades in it but I love the varied tones of pink and red. The pans for the shadows are quite small considering the size of the palette. The highlighter pans are freaking huge though. Unfortunately when it arrived one of the highlighter pans had become unstuck and was mooching around the palette.

When doing the swatches all the shades felt really silky including the two highlighters. The matte shades swiped so well with lots of pigment. I didn’t need a second layer of shadow to get that pigment even on the lightest shades. They just keep going. The two glitter shades and highlighters were both stunning when swatched. They are so smooth and shiney.

On the eye, the shadows perform really well. They are bright and pigmented while still being easy to blend. You do lose some pigment during blending but they are buildable to bring back that vibrancy. The two shimmer shades are are fricking gorgeous and are very reflective. They apply well with both a brush or finger and blend well into the mattes. The two highlighters add an amazing glow to your skin although I can only use the lighter one on my cheeks. The gold is a perfect compliment to the shadows when used on the eye.

I have noticed some kickback in the pans for the majority of shades; the exceptions being the two highlighters. There is some fallout under the eye for the darker and shimmer shades but it’s not too bad. The shade Taken is definitely the worst for fallout. I’ve not noticed much staining, mostly on my fingers when doing the swatches but barely any on the eye.

Overall, I am really happy with the Love Tapes palette from P.Louise. The packaging is a little overkill and although I love it, it’s really not needed. I would have preferred bigger pans for my £42 especially considering the size of the packaging. The shadows themselves are really pigmented while being easy to apply and blend. You don’t need to load up your brush for good pigment. The two highlighters add a lovely glow to the skin without highlighting skin texture.

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Rach xx

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