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Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Stick Review-2 Shades

Hi lovelies,

A bit of a shift from the affordable makeup with this double whammy from Rihanna’s beauty brand-Fenty. Thankfully one of these came in my Glossybox Advent Calendar as I probably would never have tried them.

The Fenty Beauty Shimmer Sticks are available from the company website (see here) and also Boots (see here). These shimmer sticks retails for £21/$25 each and are available in 13 different shades. I know that this is expensive for a highlighter but you get a good amount of product for your money. Boots offer free UK delivery on orders over £30 or £3.50 as standard. My order was dispatched the same day and arrived a few days later.

The packaging is pretty unique. Of course, you have the outer box that contains all the product information but the magic is in the components. The stick is housed in a plastic, hexagonal case that is a good size to sit in the hand. Where it becomes awesome is the magnet housed in the lower part case. This allows the all the components to fit together neatly including the blush and contour collections. It makes storaging and travelling with them easy. The cap fits snug and secure so it won’t be popping off accidentally.

According to the online product description, these have a cream to matte formula that is long wearing and weightless on the skin. It should be easy to blend and was made to layer up. Warm up and apply with fingers for a soft sheen or tap onto the skin for a blinding glow. The 13 shades cover a range of rainbow hues and Glossybox delivered me the shade Trippin. This is a gold-glazed apricot colour that I initially thought was too dark for me so naturally I went and bought another one. I picked up Confetti which is described as Irisdescent Opal.

The stick of actual product is fairly thick and robust. I don’t think it’ll be breaking anytime soon which is good to know at that price. The sticks feel quite hard and did need some warming before the first use to get that smooth, even application. The formula is a stroke of genius for my oily skin. The creamy formula gives you the glow but the matte transform makes it sit on the skin like a powder. Cream highlighters can often make oily complexions look greasy and I’m glad to say that these don’t.

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Both the highlighters have great pigment-Trippin leaves you with a gorgeous gold glow and Confetti gives ice queen brightness with a violet tinge. Trippin is too dark for me to wear as a highlighter as it leaves a cast on my cheeks. However, these are really versatile and can be used on the eyes or over lipstick so I’m not mad. Although these can produce an amazing shine, I did have to experiment quite a bit to achieve it; despite the application tips on the website. I actually got the best glow out of both shades by pressing them directly onto the skin then blending the edges with a brush. A soft shine can be achieved with your fingers or a sponge. I didn’t need to use much to achieve a great glow with either shade so the stick should last you a while.

I’m not sure if there is a slight difference in formula between some of the shades but the texture of Confetti is slightly rougher than Trippin. I’m sure it’s to do with the finish as it is more glittery but it was slightly uncomfortable to swipe directly onto the skin. I didn’t notice any texture when applied though. Other than that, both highlighters were easy to wear and lasted hours on the skin.

Overall, I am happy with the Fenty Beauty Shimmer Sticks even at that price. At £21 it’s a lot for highlighter but you get a good amount of product. As you don’t need to use much, I’m sure these will last me years. For me, it’s the cream to matte formula that makes this so good even though there are great, cheaper powders available. There’s no greasy finish to the skin and you get the precise application. You definitely need to experiment when applying to achieve the best glow. They are buildable and can be used for a subtle shine to a full glow moment.

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