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Rituals Cosmetics Mini Fragrance Sticks Reed Diffuser-The Ritual of Hammam Review

Hi lovelies,

Told ya I was trying to include more lifestyle posts and here we are. This was sent as a freebie as part of a larger order so be sure to sign up for membership if you shop at Rituals because they look after you.

I was sent the Mini Fragrance Sticks (see here) which retails for £13.50 from the company website. However you can grab the full size one for £24.90 (see here). The mini is 50ml and the regular is 230ml so there is a good difference in size. According to the website the mini’s have been designed for smaller rooms of the house.

If you’ve been with RachNevsBeauty a while, you’ll know that we’ve had a lot of Rituals Cosmetics from Glossybox and we love them. Particularly The Ritual of Sakura collection which is cherry blossom. A warning here….Rituals fragrances are POWERFUL. The scent will fill a big room so be sure to do your research. I’d recommend a smell before you buy. Each collection has a scented candle so you have a bit of choice.

This diffuser is from The Ritual of Hammam collections and is inspired by one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world: the steam baths of Turkey (Hammam means Turkish Bath). Scented with Eucalyptus for it’s healing and stimulating properties and Rosemary for it’s revitalising properties. This has been designed to refresh your body and spirit. The mini should last 3-4 weeks while the larger one lasts for 3 months.

The packaging is sleek and luxurious for both component and unit tube. You get bottle of fragrance, some reed sticks and a holder for the top to make it pretty. Once you peel the fire hazard sticker off of the bottle and add to the holder you end up with a stylish feature to any surface. The holder for the top of the bottle allows the sticks to fan out in a more decorative manner.

This is so refreshing that it’s perfect for the summer. It’s not a ridiculously strong scent neither is it synthetic. I can’t say it’s made me more relaxed but it has definitely kept me invigorated as I seem to be able to concentrate for longer periods since opening it. I’ve tried it in several rooms of the house and this size bottle barely fills a medium room. It is perfect for smaller rooms though and I imagine a larger one will work perfectly on bigger rooms. Be sure not to turn the sticks too much as the scent won’t last as long.

Overall, I am really happy with the Ritual of Hammam mini fragrance sticks from Rituals Cosmetics. Although I got these as a freebie I would be more than happy buying them. The packaging is so sleek and perfect decor addition to any room. It smells refreshing without being overpowering in a room and has kept my brain moving.

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Rach xx

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