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Brushworks HD Complexion and Contouring Kit Review

Hi lovelies,

It’s been a while since our last makeup tools post and I’ve had this set sat in my testing bag for a few months now.

You can purchase the Brushworks Complexion and Contouring Kit from Beauty Bay (see here), Look Fantastic (see here) and also Amazon (see here*). Shipping from all 3 places is really fast and you get free UK delivery on orders over £25 with both Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic.

The packaging is fairly simplistic and standard for Brushworks. Thin plastic with the sponges sitting in a holder. It’s nothing special but effective at protecting your items during transit. The colour scheme is always the same so at least it’s instantly recognisable as Brushworks.

You get 3 sponges in the kit; 2 large and one small. The larger ones are shaped differently to allow for precision application of products. All three are latex-free, hydrophilic sponges that are designed to even blend your makeup without absorbing too much product. They are described on the website as ultra soft, non-sensitive, flake resistant and long wearing. The sponges can be used dry but they expand with water to blend your makeup easier.

The sponges are all quite soft when dry but super bouncy when damp. They leave you with a smooth, even finish to your skin with a seamless blend. The different sizes and shapes cover all bases of application and really do get into all those hard to reach spots. The larger sponges have a good surface area for blending the face and the tip is great for around the eyes and nose. The small sponge is absolutely perfect for applying and blending primers on the eye lid. The tip allows for precision along the brows and also gets into the inner corners of your eyes without leaving product in the creases. It also leaves you with a smooth finish which is perfect for your shadow base. There’s very little product absorbed by the sponges either making your products go further.

Overall, I am really happy with this purchase from Brushworks. It’s the perfect sponge kit for your base. The shapes and sizes of the sponges give you all the versatility you need for applying your face makeup. They leave you with a smooth and even application as well as seamlessly blend your products.

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Rach xx

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