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Makeup Revolution Mega Bronzer Review

Hi lovelies,a

Yay another makeup post. We’re flying this month. Of course, we’re still working on a budget so it’s back to Makeup Revolution for some more goodies. This is cruelty free and vegan.

You can purchase the Makeup Revolution Mega Bronzer from the company website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (see here) and Superdrug (see here). It retails for £5 and you get 15g product. Each offer free UK shipping but only when you spend a certain amount (£15 for Superdrug, £25 for BB and £30 for Makeup Revolution. You get pretty fast shipping with both Makeup Revolution and Beauty Bay (couple of days) though Superdrug can take a little longer (maybe a week).

The packaging is simple but sturdy. I’m not sure it can survive being dropped but it’ll survive your makeup bag. Its quite light for its size so is easy to travel with. The clasp clicks into place securely and doesn’t come undone on its own. The company and product names are on the front with all other information including ingredients on the back.

The Mega Bronzer as replaced the Ultra Bronzer with a new and improved formula that is available in 6 shades. Although that’s not a massive shade range I’m pretty sure that every skin tone is covered. I don’t think I’ve seen bronzers as dark as the last 2 shades. If you have please let us know in the comments. This has a matte finish to provide the sun kissed look without the shine. Personally I like it as I can find bronzers too shiny sometimes.

It says on the website that this is a super sized compact and boy they’re not wrong! It’s freaking huge when compared to my Lottie London bronzer (no shade on LL). I picked up the shade 01 Cool as the rest look way too dark for my skin tone. Being cool toned, it’s less orange making it a great shade for lighter skin. It is quite pigmented but easy to apply and blend. It doesn’t disturb any products underneath and gives you a smooth, even finish. It’s not moved when other products are added over it either (blush etc). Although it has a matte finish, it does give you a sun kissed look.

It wears well throughout the day without looking patchy. I’ve found it actually helps keep my foundation in place longer and stops it looking greasy after hours of wear. I’ve not had any issues when using this product. If you do, remove immediately and seek medical assistance.

Lottie London (top) vs Mega Bronzer swatch (bottom)

Overall, I am really happy with this bronzer from Makeup Revolution. It’s a great price for what you get. Although the packaging is nothing special, it is all you need. The bronzer itself has good pigment yet easy to blend without looking muddy or orange. It lasts for hours and helps keep your base in place longer. It doesn’t disturb what’s underneath or get disturbed with products over the top of it.

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Rach xx

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