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Glossybox Skincare Eye Boost Cream Review

Hi lovelies,

I’m back with more affordable skincare. Sorry I didn’t manage to post on Thursday, it’s been a crazy week at work and I needed a small break.

The Glossybox Skincare Eye Boost Cream is available to buy from the company website (see here) and LookFantastic (see here). It retails for £16 but there’s no free delivery with Glossybox. You need to spend £25 with LookFantastic to qualify for free delivery. Delivery from either company takes about a week.

The packaging is perfectly Glossybox with its pink and black colouring. The cream comes in an outer box baring all product information around the sides. The cream comes in a pink, soft touch tube with a nozzle for more precise application. It’s the perfect size for fitting in your hand.

The product is described as a super lightweight, fast absorbing formula to depuff your under eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It is a fragrance free, vegan formula in sugarcane packaging. It contains elderflower extract to reduce dark circles, eyebright plant extract to refresh tired and puffy eyes and also red seaweed to lock moisture into the delicate skin around your eyes.

Before use

This has no added fragrance so it doesn’t smell too good but it doesn’t irritate the skin around the eyes. It’s actually quite soothing to the skin. The consistency of the formula is nice. It’s not too thin or too thick making it easy to apply without it been greasy. It’s absorbed into the skin in a minute or two and doesn’t leave a residue. It reduces any puffiness around eyes immediately after use but you need to use is daily to improve any dark circles. It’s also add moisture to the eye area making them look less textured with constant use.

After use

Overall, it’s not the best eye cream that I’ve tried but for the price it does have noticeable effects. It’s well priced and comes in decent packaging. The formula makes it easy to apply and it soothes the eye area to give a brighter appearance. It does reduce some puffiness and over time helps to reduce dark circles and texture around the eye.

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Rach xx

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