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P.Louise Skin Protect Your Pout Lip Duo Review-One in a Melon

Hi lovelies,

So P.Louise released Halloween Trick or Treat boxes during Halloween week and naturally I had to get the biggest one. Honestly the value in the entire box was so worth it and they also contained some, at the time of purchase, unreleased products. Here is one of them though it actually contains two products.

It was released last week so I can thankfully give you some product information. The Protect Your Pout Lip Conditioner is available on the P.Louise website (see here). They retail for £22 each and there are 3 scents to choose from. UK shipping is £1 but worldwide shipping is available.

P.Louise packaging is often very cute and this is no exception. The outer container is designed to look like a drink can and decorated to match the scent. There’s very little product information on this outer can, its more what it does. Inside the can, each product has it’s own box containing all product information including the ingredients. The conditioner comes in a soft plastic tube and the tip is designed for direct application. I love that this is on a key ring so you can keep it handy during the winter months. The oil is packaged much like a liquid lipstick although the doe foot applicator is a little more squat and bulbous. The tube has a frosted finish which feels great to hold.

According to the product description, the Protect Your Pout is the dreamiest duo that have been specially formulated to hydrate dry and damaged lips. With soothing and softening properties to help nourish your lips, you’ll have improved lip texture and locked in moisture with each application. The lip conditioner can be used alone also as a lip primer before adding your chosen finish. The Stay Shining lip oil adds a hydrating glossy finish for the final touch.

First up, and this is personal preference, I really hate the scent of the conditioner. I mean I don’t particularly like watermelon at the best of times but this doesn’t even pass as watermelon. At least it’s barely noticeable after a few seconds of wear so not something that will put me off the product. Thankfully the lip oil smells a lot better. The conditioner is quite thick, easy to apply and lasts for hours on the lips. It feels like a standard lip balm to wear. The lip oil is a lot thicker than I expected; it’s more like a gloss than an oil and has a slight pink tint to it.

So, come winter time I get very dry lips and have tried so many products. Most feel greasy or sticky and never last long or feel like they’ve done anything. After only a few uses my lips look and feel like its the middle of summer. Both products feel very similar on lips; lightweight and slick. The conditioner feels less slick with it being more of a balm but it’s not greasy. It’s so hard to describe what each item has done but I’ve found the conditioner best for being out and about during the cold weather. It feels more protective whereas the oil feels more hydrating. Honestly using both items has left my lips with improved texture and hydration.

Overall, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the P.Louise Skin Lip Conditioner. The packaging is everything as always with P.Louise. Is it needed..probably not. Do we live for it…yes! Having tried so many products that did nothing I was dubious however, this is keeping my lips in summer condition. Within a few uses my lips felt less dry and have stopped peeling which is amazing. They feel softer and look more hydrated. Can’t complain really-well aside fro that scent.

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Rach xx

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