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PSA Skin Liquid Clarity Blemish Recovery Booster Review

Hi lovelies,

I have another item from the Boots Beauty Showstopper Box. This item is 100% cruelty free and vegan. It’s also formulated without sulfates, silicones, Retinyl Palmitate, drying alcohol, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

The PSA Skin Liquid Clarity Blemish Recovery Booster is available from the Allies of Skin website (see here) as well as from Boots (here). It retails for £27 for 15ml of product. If you get a repeat subscription for this item via the Allies website, it will cost £18.90 each time. You qualify for free UK delivery on orders over £25 with Boots and £70 with Allies.

The packaging is nothing groundbreaking but I actually really like it. The outer box has a soft touch matte finish with a blue gradient design. Product ingredients and directions of use can be found on the sides and back of the box. The serum comes in a sturdy bottle with a pump dispenser. You can lock the nozzle by twisting it so you can travel with it too. Everything feel great to be honest.

According to the online description, this is a full first aid recovery for your skin. It contains 2% BHA, 2% Zinc PCA, 1% Bakuchiol, Licorice Root extract and Willow Bark to get to the root of your imperfections. They work together to brighten and soothe the skin while keeping it nourished. It should refine your pores and reduces the appearance of imperfections including post acne scars.

A quick warning here, this also contains AHAs that may increase your skins sensitivity to the sun and the possibility of sunburn. Take extra care with sunscreen and limit sun exposure during use and for a week after. Also do not use any other AHAs alongside this as it’s a strong formula.

This is quite thick for a serum-its not quite a cream but it’s not runny either. It’s a really nice consistency as you can actually control its application. It takes a couple of minutes to be absorbed into the skin and it feels a bit sticky while you’re waiting. Once fully absorbed there’s no residue left behind and leaves your skin feeling soft.

I’ve been using this 3 times a week for nearly 3 months now and I am noticing some improvements. To start I noticed that my breakouts from wearing a mask looked less inflamed and with smaller spots. More recently I have less breakouts and spots in general which is great. Am I noticing a brightening of scarring? I’m not sure but y skin is looking fabulous.

I’ve had no issues at all when using this. In fact my only complaint is that the bottle needs to be bigger. If you’re experiencing any problems please stop using and seek medical advice.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Liquid Clarity Blemish Recovery Booster from PSA Skin. The packaging is well made and sturdy plus travel safe. The product itself has a nice consistency; not too thin, not too thick. It’s easy to apply though it does take a few minutes to be absorbed into the skin. It feels sticky while you wait but leaves no residue behind when fully absorbed. With regular use I’m having very few breakouts and my skin looks brighter.

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Rach xx

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