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Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Kit Review

Hi lovelies,

We’re slowly working our way some of the more interesting items from the Boots The Beauty Showstopper Box.

The Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is available from the Liz Earle website (see here) as well as from Boots (here). This is available in a couple of different sizes and kits mostly from the company website. It’s £15.50 for 100ml (£17 for the kit), £27 for 200ml (£28.50 for the kit) and £9 for the 30ml sample kit. Exclusive to Boots is a 50ml kit for £10. You qualify for free UK delivery when you spend £30 wit Liz Earle and £25 with Boots. Standard UK delivery for both is £3.75. Not sure of delivery times from Liz Earle but your Boots haul will be with you within a week.

I’m not sure how the cleanser alone comes packaged but the kits come in a handy zip up bag. Each kit contains a tube of cleanser and pure cotton cloths. The 2 sample kits (30ml and 50ml) only contain 1 cloth while the larger kits contain 2. My 50ml bottle had a pump dispenser but I think they’ve changed to a more eco-friendly tube for most of the kits. I actually love the pump dispenser, it gives you the perfect amount in one pump.

This is a many award winning product and is cruelty free. It is enriched with cocoa butter to soften, smooth and moisturise and rosemary, eucalyptus and chamomile to tone, soothe and purify. This thick, creamy cleanser deeply cleanses to remove pollutants, daily grime and makeup and gently exfoliates for clearer, more radiant looking skin. It even removes stubborn mascara and is suitable for all skin types.

Makeup Removal

It’s pretty easy to use: simply massage onto dry skin doing your eyes last and wipe off using the cloth. Be sure to rinse your cloth in hand hot water and wring out before use. Finish with a splash of cool water. This cleanser is quite thick and a grape sized amount is all you need. It’s quite soothing on the skin and the scent is calming and natural. It does a pretty decent job of removing makeup though it did struggle with my eyeliner. Immediately after first use my skin had such an amazing glow and felt soft and smooth. The hot cloth provides a gentle exfoliation that leaves you with a fresh facial feel. After a week of use, I’ve noticed that my skin looks brighter with clearer pores and more refreshed.

Before use
after 1st use

I’ve not had any issues when using this cleanser however I’m not the biggest fan of using this on the eyes. Just personal preference but the eucalyptus was a bit too strong to use this as an eye makeup remover. Stung a touch however no issues elsewhere.

after a week of use

Overall, I’m kinda loving this hot cloth cleanser from Liz Earle. The packaging is well made and useful while the pump dispenses the perfect amount of cleanser. This makes you feel as though you’v had a facial. My skin felt smoother and softer after my first use and actually felt cleansed. After a week my skin is looking brighter and clearer.

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