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Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C Face Serum Review

Hi lovelies,

Back with some more skincare from (you’ve guessed it) the Boots Beauty Showstopper Box.

The Bright Idea Vitamin C face serum from Bliss is available to buy from the company website (see here) as well as Boots (see here). It retails for £19.99 for 30ml of serum. Unfortunately Bliss does not ship direct to the UK so we got to make use of Boots. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £25.

The packaging feels decent quality for the price with a sturdy bottle that doesn’t feel like cheap plastic. It has a pump nozzle to dispense the serum and comes with a cap that snaps tightly into place. The pump dispenses the perfect amount of serum. The outer box has a simple design but it’s colouring does match the brand. All product information including the directions and use and ingredients can be found on the back and sides of the box.

According to the product description, this is a collagen protecting and brightening Spa grade serum. It contains their highest concentration of ultra-stable Vitamin C and tri-peptide to visibly firm skin and protect against free radicals as well as brighten and diminish the look of dark spots. It’s non-comedogenic meaning it doesn’t cause black heads by clogging pores. It’s also cruelty free and vegan.

The serum has a nice consistency being neither too thin or too thick to control easily. It only took a minute or two to massage into the skin so it absorbs fairly easily though it does leave a weird residue behind. It’s a bit of an odd one. I haven’t seen any visible differences to my skin although there is something different. I can’t quite figure out what though. It may simply be that my skin is firmer. Longer use is probably needed to see full results so I’ll update you with any changes.

After first use

Overall, I’m not sure about the Bright Idea Face Serum from Bliss. The packaging is well made, sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap. I’m not exactly sold on this one as I can’t really tell what its doing though there is something different. So yeah, maybe long term use might help me figure it out.

After a few weeks

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