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P.Louise Cosmetics Watch the Queen Conquer Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

Sorry for missing last week. I’ve not been feeling very motivated recently. Not entirely sure why but I’m working on finding my groove again.

The Watch the Queen Conquer is available to purchase exclusively from the P.Louise website (see here). At full price, it retails at £60 but I think it’s currently on offer for £36. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £40 but standard UK delivery is only £1. Orders may take up to a week to arrive depending on delivery choice. I actually grabbed mine from the P.Louise Tiktok shop so keep your eyes peeled there for some great bargains. Help us gain extra commission by shopping through our profile here.

The packaging for this palette is amazing. There’s the outer box that contains all product information including the ingredients list. Both the box and palette have the same chess inspired, black, pink and holographic design with satin text against a matte background. The palette is where is gets really cool. It’s double sided with a chessboard in the center and magnets keeping all sections closed. Each side has it’s own colour story complete with protective sheets and a mirror in the lids. The design means that it’s not big for working with but is thicker and a little heavier than a standard palette.

This is a 42 pan palette containing 32 matte shades and 10 shimmers. The shade range is amazing and has a huge variety of colours and tones for creating gradient and contrasting blends. I love how different both sides of the palette are yet can still work together as a whole. The pans are a standard size and each has a different image embossed into the shadow. Love the attention to detail that we see in most P.Louise products.

When doing the swatches, the shadows felt soft but one or two of the darker purples felt a little chalky. I didn’t have any issues with them during the swatches though. All the shades swiped smoothly with an even pigment. One or two of the lighter shades did need two layers to show up properly. The shimmers felt buttery and even softer than the mattes did. They also swiped smoothly with even pigment and plenty of reflects. They really do glitter in the light and I fell in love with the shades Elevate and Let’s Play immediately with their almost duo-chrome finish.

On the eye, the shadows mostly perform well. I say mostly because there were one or two issues. All of the shades are highly pigmented but I really struggled with the shades Let’s Play and Grandmaster. They were easy to blend but they ended up quite patchy The rest of the mattes are fairly easy to apply and blend though I found them best used in a gradual build and blend technique rather than packing them on. The shimmers look amazing; good pigment, great shine and sparkle while being easy to apply and blend. You can use either a brush or finger, both work fine.

Like I mentioned before there are a couple of issues with this one. Aside from the patchiness with the 2 purples above, there was slight staining to the skin with some of the darker red based shades. It doesn’t last more than a day though and comes off easier with an oil based cleanser. Unfortunately, the shimmers do crease really quickly which is a shame. Easy to fix but it doesn’t stay un-creased for long. There’s some kickback in the pan for the majority of mattes and slight fallout under the eye with the shimmers.

Overall, I am reasonably happy with the Watch the Queen Conquer palette from P.Louise. I absolutely love the packaging and think the design is quite smart. For so many pans it’s not too big and cumbersome. The shade range is amazing; plenty of colours and tones for gradient and contrasting blends. One or two issues with the shadows but for the most part they are pigmented, easy to apply, build and blend.

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Rach xx

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