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Isoclean 165ml Easy Pour Antibacterial Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

Hi lovelies,

Another purchase from the Tiktok shop….it’s going to kill me I swear.

The Isoclean Makeup Brush Cleaner is available from the company website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay, Look Fantastic and Amazon. There are 3 sizes to choose from; the 165ml retails for £12, the 275ml for £17 and the 525ml for £24.50. You qualify for free UK delivery on orders over £40 with Isoclean, over £25 with Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic. To be fair shipping from the Tiktok shop was fairly quick. It was here in 4 days I think.

As well as being available in different sizes, it is also available in different packaging depending on your needs. The easy pour bottles feature a clasped cap similar to a lot of skincare products. The lid clasps securely into place and doesn’t leak. Only the 165ml bottle comes with the full plastic cover but all three come with the dip tray. You can also purchase the brush cleaner with a spray top bottle for on the go as well as eco refills when you need a top up.

According to the product description, this works in just 60 seconds to remove the toughest formulas and pigments as well as germs, dust and dirt. The brush cleaner is antibacterial and antiviral and helps to prevent breakouts and skin congestion. It has a no rinse formula and is suitable for all brushes. It also helps prolong the life of your brushes. The brush cleaner is cruelty free and vegan. Directions of use state to fill the tray halfway, swirl your brush, wait a few seconds and then clean it off on a cloth.

Ok so the first thing that hit me was the smell. It’s got quite a strong alcohol scent which isn’t a bad thing considering that’s what it is. It contains 2-Propanol which is a common component of sanitisation items particularly in relation to germs and dissolves most oil based products. Naturally, I had to clean my 2 foundation brushes first because they’re the toughest to clean since I use a thick, full coverage base. Of course I forgot to take a before and after of the fluffy brush so below are the ones for a concealer brush I use for foundation.

The cleaner is absolutely amazing. As soon as you swirl the brush through it, the makeup starts lifting off the brush. Being a liquid it’s easily dispersed through the bristles to get at the center of the brush. It can take some time to remove all the products from the brush but it’s not a difficult process. It’s actually really easy especially if you clean your brushes regularly. Barely takes any time at all if you clean them after every use and it removes all types of makeup. The cleaner left my brushes feeling soft and fluffy and they were dry within minutes.

Overall, I’m completely impressed with the Isoclean Brush Cleaner and it will definitely be a staple in my kit going forward. The packaging is sleek, well made and secure for travel. I love that a dip tray is included with the easy pour bottles. The cleaner itself is amazing. Not only does it completely clean your brushes, it leaves them soft and dry in minutes. Best brush cleaner I’ve tried so far….miles better than brush soap.

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Rach xx

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