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Creator Revolution SFX Products: Scar Putty, Blood Jelly and Fake Blood Review

Hi lovelies,

Something a little different for you today as we have 3 products to review for this post. Since they’re all for special effects makeup it seemed the best to put them together. All 3 are from the Creator Revolution collection All three items are cruelty free and vegan.

The three products are available to purchase from Makeup Revolution, Beauty Bay and Superdrug (links are below). The Scar Putty retails for £5; the fake Blood Jelly for £4 and the fake blood for £3. You qualify for free UK delivery on orders over £30 with Makeup Revolution; over £25 with Beauty Bay and Superdrug. Standard shipping starts at £2.99 and will take a few days to dispatch.

The outer packaging for the three products is the same across the board. There’s a molded plastic cover with black backing card slotted into the back. The ingredients list and some basic information can be found on the back. Both the putty and blood jelly come in plastic jars with screw caps. The putty has an additional cover inside holding a little scoop for product removal while the blood jelly has a sealed cover to stop the blood drying out. The normal fake blood comes in the standard, squeezable tube with a screw cap. All packaging feels well made and secure. I’ve not had any leaks of the liquid blood.

The Scar Putty is available to purchase from Makeup Revolution and Beauty Bay.The Scar Putty is surprisingly easy to work with particularly when compared to Ben Nye Scar Wax or Mehron Extra Flesh etc. It starts off fairly hard but becomes malleable quickly in the hands and blends into the skin easily. The putty is very sticky so no adhesive is needed but you’ll definitely need some vaseline for your hair, hands and tools so you can work with it. Although powdering it down stops it sticking to itself, the putty doesn’t set or harden so it remains flexible. I was surprised that it lasted for hours and didn’t move. It holds paint well too making it perfect for Halloween looks and it is easy to remove (see below).

After 5 hours of wear

Of course, I picked up 2 different types of fake blood. The first one is Blood Jelly and is available at Makeup Revolution, Beauty Bay and Superdrug. This is perfect for creating clotted wounds due to the texture. Very much the consistency of a loosely set jelly. There’s some movement to it but it’s not free flowing and stays where you put it. It’s the more realistic looking out of the two bloods because of the consistency and also the colour. It’s a gorgeous deep red that only gets darker when gobs of blood are added.

Top: Liquid Blood; Bottom: Blood Jelly

The final product is liquid fake blood and is available from Makeup Revolution, Beauty Bay and Superdrug. I don’t really have much to say about this one. It’s pretty standard for fake blood. A little thicker than the really cheap halloween tubes and with a deeper colour too. However, it’s not as good as some of the more expensive brands.

Both of the bloods stain the skin quite badly and I didn’t have them on my hand longer than 5 minutes. The liquid blood stained worse than the jelly despite it being on less time. Not really an issue for me as most bloods stain but use cautiously if you have to be sociable the next day.

Left: Liquid Blood; Right: Blood Jelly

Overall, I’m so impressed with these items from the Creator Revolution collection. Special effects makeup can cost a pretty penny so it’s great to have a good cheaper alternative. The packaging is well made and secure for all three products with no leaks occurring. Out of the three products, I particularly love the Scar Putty. It’s fairly easy to work with, lasts ages and is quick to remove. The Blood jelly looks more realistic for wounds when compared to the liquid blood but both are decent.

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Rach xx

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