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Beetlejuice x Makeup Revolution Eyeliner Set Review

Hi lovelies,

We’re on our final product purchased from the Makeup Revolution x Beetlejuice collaboration. I mean I bought the nails too but I wasn’t sure if you guys wanted that review so let us know. The liners are cruelty free and vegan.

You can purchase the Beetlejuice Eyeliner Set from the Makeup Revolution website (see here). Hopefully there’ll be a restock of them soon. The set retails for £8 and contains 5 pencils. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £30 with Makeup Revolution though standard shipping costs £3.95. It often takes a few days to dispatch from Makeup Revolution and your order will be delivered a day or to later. It may take a little longer currently due to Black Friday then the Christmas season.

The packaging fits in with the rest of the collection. The outer box has a black and white stripes design with green and purple details. All product information including the ingredients can be found on the back. The pencils themselves are well made, standard coloured pencils that require sharpening though they do have a strong, striped cap to protect the tip. I love that the entire pencil is coloured to match the shades. It makes it much easier when doing makeup when you can see the one needed quickly.

You get 5 pencils in this set-black, white, green, lilac and purple. I love the shade range-not only are they the perfect representation of Beetlejuice, you get 2 classic shades with 3 fun ones. When doing the swatches, all the shades look fairly pigmented. The white is actually perfect for mapping out larger body paints and was extremely useful during halloween. They are all easy to sharpen to a fine point with a standard makeup pencil sharpener.


On the eye, they’re a bit of a mixed bag. The black and white are amazing. They glide on smoothly with good pigment and they last for a good amount of time. You do need a couple of layers for even coverage which is often the case for pencils. The purple was the most disappointing. Although it applied smoothly, the pigment was lacking. I wonder if purple just doesn’t work well on the waterline for whatever reason. The green was also a little underwhelming but it did have good pigment so it might just be the colour. The lilac was the biggest surprise. It needed a couple of layers to build the pigment but it was such a nice shade and looked good on the eye.


Overall, I’m fairly happy with the Makeup Revolution x Beetlejuice Eyeliners Set. The packaging is the industry standard-outer box, standard capped pencil, needs sharpening. However, the designs are so cute and perfect for Beetlejuice as are the shades. All applied smoothly though they did need a couple of layers for pigmented, even coverage. The black and white are amazing and most pigmented. The lilac and green were decent-good pigment but the green didn’t pop like the lilac. The purple was the let down but 4/5 ain’t bad. Definitely not disappointed when you consider the price.


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Rach xx

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