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Made By Mitchell Lonely Hearts Club Blursh Bundle Review

Hi lovelies,

I caved and bought something else from the Tiktok shop…ok maybe two somethings. I actually received my first Blursh in a mystery box and it’s from the Where the Mangoes? collection. I’ll include some information about that one too.

The Lonely Hearts Club Blursh Set is available to purchase from the Made by Mitchell website (see here). You can also pick this up through Tiktok usually with a good deal so be sure to check out our page here for links. I think I paid £20 for my set. Full price RRP is £84 but it’s on offer for £30 currently. All but one of the Blurshes are available individually for £14 from the company website (here) but all are on Beauty Bay. I’m not sure how much shipping costs with Made by Mitchell but ordering through Tiktok, it was free with coupons. Delivery was fast…like dispatched in a day arrived in 3 fast.

The packaging is really cute. Each collection comes with it’s own box design but the Blursh component remains the same. The Lonely Hearts collection comes in pale pink box with heart decals while the Mangoes one comes in an orange to green gradient box. All product information including the ingredients and shade name can be found on the back and top of the boxes. The Blursh component is very similar to other base products though they’re shorter and fatter than them. They have a neon, soft touch screw cap and a doe foot applicator that is really comfortable to hold. The components feel well made and secure with a good weight.

Blursh is the signature product of makeup artist mmmMitchell’s brand. According to the product description, they are packed with pigment making them suitable for all skin tones. Unlike other liquid/cream blushers, this has a liquid to powder formula so it doesn’t disturb your base makeup. They have a satin matte finish and can be used above or below your base. As well as being buildable and blendable, they utilise blurring technology to make it suitable for all skin textures.

This bundle contains 6 shades of Blursh and a MF1 Cheek Stippler Brush. The one from the Where the Mangoes? collection is called Miami Beach. Only problem is that it is bright yellow. It really does not suit my skin tone so it was hard to review it fairly which is why I bought more. The Lonely Hearts Club collection features a selection of mostly soft, romantic shades though we do have one hot pink in the mix called Party Pink. The only shade not available to purchase individually is Primadonna which is a lilac shade. Finishing up the pink based shades is Cold Heart a cool, pale pink There’s also Teach Em Peach (a peach shade, duh), Snatchural a light rose tint and Apricot Hot a soft orange.

I’m actually blown away by the Blurshes. I put off trying them for so long simply because I dislike cream/liquid blushes. But these are amazing. The formula is stunning-really smooth and creamy with no scent. All of the shades are highly pigmented so beware when applying as it’s easy to apply too much. They are also buildable so you can add more if necessary. They are pretty easy to blend as well especially with the stippling brush included in this bundle. The blurshes sit nicely on the skin and don’t affect other base products when used above or below them. They dry down to gorgeous, matte satin powder that doesn’t highlight skin texture. They are also very versatile and can be used on the eyes and lips with great effect.

Apricot Hot
Party Pink

Ok so now we’ve talked technicalities, let’s talk colours. I love the shade range in the Lonely Hearts Club collection although not all can be worn on the daily for me. The shades are suitable for a range of different skin tones and other collections only add to the inclusivity of the brand. I particularly love Teach em Peach and Snatchural for a more natural look and Cold Heart and Primadonna for something a little different but fun. The biggest surprise for me was the shade Apricot Hot. I really didn’t expect it to look good on my skin tone but it is gorgeous. The yellow shade Miami Beach was interesting. It looked wonderful as part of a neon clown look but not one suited to my skin tone although it applied beautifully, like the rest.

Miami Beach

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. A stippling brush was included in this bundle and is available to purchase individually from Made By Mitchell and Beauty Bay. It retails for £10 and is described as a small, dense brush perfect for controlled application. Like all Made by Mitchell brushes, this has a soft touch, matte handle which makes it very comfortable to hold and use. The bristles are short and densely packed but are really soft. Absolutely perfect for a controlled application and even blend. It’s another reason why you don’t need to use much Blursh.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Lonely Hearts Club Blursh Bundle from Made by Mitchell. When in a sale, it’s excellent value for money so keep your eyes peeled on Tiktok for great deals. The packaging is well made and secure plus the applicator sits well in the hand. The Blurshes are amazing. Each shade is highly pigmented, easy to apply, easy to blend and can be applied in layers. They don’t effect other base products whether used beneath or on top of them. In fact, they do exactly as stated in the product description.

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Rach xx

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