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Made By Mitchell Graphic Ink Liquid Liners Review

Hi lovelies,

Of course I took advantage of some of the Black Friday deals and picked up another set from Made by Mitchell. Least it’s eyeliners this time. Once again, I received one of the graphic liners from a different collection in an earlier mystery box so I’ll include that one too.

These liners are available to purchase as a bundle from the Made by Mitchell website and are currently on sale (see here). They are also available individually via the site as well as from Beauty Bay (here). Also keep your eye on the Tiktok shop as sometimes shipping is cheaper. It doesn’t look as though the shade from my mystery box is available anymore which is a shame. Despite black Friday, my order was shipped and arrived fairly quickly s n complaints there.

Before I continue I need to mention a couple of things. Now I’ve ordered from Made by Mitchell via their Tiktok shop several times now and not had any issues. However, this black Friday haul was missing a couple of items and I’ve had no response to my inquiries from the company. I get it. People make mistakes, it’s busy. I’m not too fussed about the mistake but to not respond in any way is rubbish customer service. I’m not the only one that are having issues with orders and contact either.Very disappointing.

The packaging is pretty much the industry standard but everything has a matte, soft touch finish making them pleasant to hold. Each liner has an outer box coloured the standard Mitchell neon green. It has a stripe at the bottom showing the shade and contains all product information around the sides. The liner component has a long handled, screw cap applicator that has the smallest brush tip at the end. It tightens securely so you can transport your liner in your bag without it leaking.

This bundle contains 6 colorful shades: white, yellow, pink, blue, green and purple. The shade that I received in the mystery box is a coral orange. According to the product description, the Graph-Ink liners are a collection of smooth liquid liners that are bold and colourful. There’s also a smart brush applicator tip (not sure what that means) that allows for a free but precise application. Naturally I had to swatch them and was able to achieve a fairly fine line. On the arm, all the shades look pigmented and vibrant that applies evenly and smooth.

The liners are so easy to apply and that’s down to two things really-applicator and formula. I don’t have a clue what a smart brush applicator actually means but I do know that it works well. The formula has a great consistency-not too thin not too thick-so they glide on smoothly with minimal pressure. Absolutely great for those of us with lots of moving skin on the lids. The formula dries down fairly quickly so they don’t transfer which is a bonus if you have hooded eyes. Some of the shades didn’t apply as evenly as they did on the arm but the liners can be layered up to alleviate that despite them drying so quickly. Naturally some colours are more vibrant than others but all shades are highly pigmented. I don’t think I’ve found an eyeliner that is so easy to use on my eyes. I love em and need to get it in black.

All of the shades have good lasting times. I managed to wear them for over 6 hours without any cracking or creasing which doesn’t happen often on my eyes. That’s the formula consistency coming into play again. Now they can smudge if you rub your eye but overall they last very well. They also felt very lightweight on the eye and it’s easy to forget that your wearing them. They didn’t irritate the eyes in any way and were really easy to remove with micellar water.

Overall I am so happy with the Graph-Ink Liners from Made by Mitchell but maybe not their customer service. The packaging is very typical of Mitchell’s brand…neon green with a soft touch matte finish. Everything feels well made and secure while being comfortable to hold and use. I’m actually in love with them. I don’t think I’ve ever found liquid liner so easy to use. They are pigmented, glide on smoothly and last for hours without cracking or creasing. They dry fast so there’s no transfer but they can be layered up if you need more vibrancy. They are also comfortable and lightweight to wear.

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Rach xx

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