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Made By Mitchell All Smudge No Budge Creamy Liners Review

Hi lovelies,

Welcome to 2023. Another bargain from the Black Friday sales for you.

The All Smudge No Budge Pencil Liners are available from the Made by Mitchell website (see here) as well as select shades at Beauty Bay (here). I actually picked up mine in a bundle from the Tiktok shop but I don’t think its available anymore. There are 12 shades available and they retail for £10 each. I’ve generally that found shopping through the Tiktok shop for Made by Mitchell makes shipping cheaper and orders arrive pretty quickly too.

The packaging is fairly standard for creamy eyeliners. Each come in a soft touch matte outer box that bare the company and product names on the front with the ingredients listed on the back. The bottom of the boxes are coloured to show the shades inside. I think each collection has a different box design with the original shades having the usual neon and this set having a cloud design. The components themselves are the standard for cream liners. There’s a cap for protecting the tip that fits the pencil snugly and is unlikely to fall off. Despite initial appearances, you can sharpen cream liners with a beauty sharpener which I’ve only just realized.

As mentioned above, there are 12 shades with several neutral shades, 4 colourful ones and a black. Naturally, I picked up the four colourful ones. We have Lala land (purple), Wonderful World (baby blue), Pink Drink (hmm I wonder) and Sunny Daze (yellow). According to the product description, the liners are smooth and creamy that dries to a stunning, long lasting matte finish. They provide instant coverage and are buildable and blendable.

Of course I had to swatch them and I’m glad I did. Just to break through that slightly drier outer layer. Once slightly warmed, the liners felt so smooth with a good, even pigment. I did expect them to be a little more vibrant but they are clearly cute pastel shades instead. You don’t need to apply much pressure for solid pigment which is handy because they can break quite easily. On the eye, the liners take some warming to get the product to apply smoothly. Once warmed, they apply easily with an even distribution of product and leave you with a matte finish. They can be layered up to build that pigment and are easy to blend out under the eye for a smokey effect. They feel lightweight and comfortable to wear on the waterline too while being incredibly long lasting.

Out of the 4 shades, the purple one (Lala land) is the least impressive which isn’t really surprising considering our past experiences with purple eyeliners. It’s not bad but it doesn’t pop the way the others do and it required a lot more layers to achieve good solid colour. The other 3 liners create a brightening effect to the eye area with an added pop of colour.

Overall, I am quite happy with the All Smudge No Budge Creamy liners from Made by Mitchell despite them not being as I expected. The packaging is everything you would expect from a creamy liner with an outer box and protective cap. There’s a range of shades to choose from but the coloured ones are not as vibrant as they appear online. Definitely pastel shades but they perform well on the eye, applying smoothly. They have decent pigment, a matte finish and they’re long lasting. They can be layered up and blended out pretty easily and make the eyes look brighter.

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Rach xx

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