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Makeup Revolution Contour Powder Compact Review

Hi lovelies,

It seems like ages since we last reviewed some contour and it’s been even longer since it was a powder product. All are cruelty free and vegan.

The Makeup Revolution Contour Compacts are available from the company website (see here). There are 4 available and each retail for £5. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £30 otherwise it’s £3.95 for standard shipping. Orders are generally dispatched in a couple of days of ordering and take a day or two to land at your door.

The packaging makes these compacts perfect for travelling. They are well made and secure as well as being small and lightweight. They have a soft touch finish and there’s also a mirror on the inside of the lid. Each compact comes in an outer box showing the shades on the front and the ingredients on the back. Unfortunately, the ingredients list isn’t on the back of the compact itself so be sure to keep the box. The pans are a good size when considering the size of the compact and there’s enough room for most cheek brushes with the contour and bronzer.

There are 4 compacts available: fair, light, medium and deep. Each compact contains a deep contour, a warm bronzer and a shimmer highlighter. When doing the swatches, all shades felt soft and had good pigment. You can see the difference in tones across the compacts but I’m not sure how they would look on all skin tones. For example, the contour in the fair compact didn’t look particularly cool toned. Might just be on my skin tone but I’ve seen cooler contour for fair skin. The shades in each compact seem to compliment each other well but again I’m not sure how well these will work across all skin tones. Naturally, the fair and light compacts were the ones that were tested the most although they all perform the same.

On the face, they are highly pigmented while being easy to blend and layer. I’d advise using a thinner contour brush with these as you can control placement so much better. They apply quite smooth and evenly without lifting or moving the base makeup beneath. They can also be worn alone to enhance the natural structure of the face. The shades in each compact work well together to give natural shaping to the face. For every compact, aside from the fair, the contours are cool toned browns and are perfect for sculpting the face. The bronzers add warmth to the skin and compliments the contour without adding any shine to the skin. The highlighters are perfect for the finishing touches to your makeup and the shades should cover most skin tones. They can be applied softly with a brush for a more natural glow or with your finger for a blinding glow.

There are one or two issues that I’m having with these contour compacts. The first is with some of the shades. As well as the fair contour shade issue mentioned above, there’s an issue with the bronzer shade in the deep compact. It looks like it’s also cool toned which isn’t what you need in a bronzer. Again that may just be on my skin so I’ll keep you updated. Although the highlighters look gorgeous when packed on they can highlight textures in the skin. There is some kickback in the pan for all the contour and bronzer shades but there’s no fallout onto the skin.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with these contour compacts from Makeup Revolution although I’m unsure whether they are suitable for everyone. The packaging is decent quality for the price point and is lightweight, sturdy and small enough to slip into your bag. Although I’m not too sure about some of the shade choices across the 4 compacts, there’s nothing wrong with the formula. The contours and bronzers are highly pigmented and are easy to apply, blend and build. Placement of the contour can be a little tricky to control so try using a thinner brush if possible. The highlighters offer a soft, natural glow but can be built into a blinding shine.

Thanks for reading. Have these compacts…let us know your thoughts in the comments below or send us your looks for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like and follow button for more. Maybe even join our email list if you loved it.

Rach xx

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