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Makeup Revolution Foundation Mixing Pigment Review-4 Shades

Hi lovelies,

So, I’m trying to make use of my colour theory knowledge from my art college days but foundation pigments have been a little hard to find.

You can purchase all four foundation mixing pigments from the Revolution Beauty website (see here) as well as individual shades from ASOS (here) and River Island (here). They retail for £6 each and you get 10ml of product. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £30 with Revolution Beauty; on orders over £40 with ASOS and on orders over £50 with River Island. I grabbed mine from Revolution Beauty and it arrived with 2 days of order confirmation.

The packaging is very similar to most liquid foundations though slightly smaller. Each pigment comes in an outer box that contains all product information including the ingredients. The pigment bottles themselves are glass and have a pump applicator for dispensing the product. I did struggle to get one bottle to dispense through the pump but they are easily removed if you need to get into the bottle. They’re a good size for including into your makeup kit and there’s a fairly secure cap protecting the pump.

According to the product description, the Makeup Revolution foundation mixing pigments are there to colour correct and customise your foundations. They are available in 4 shades; white, yellow, red and blue to meet all your needs and keep your foundation collection down to a minimum. White to lighten, red to deepen, blue to cool and yellow to add warmth. They can be used alone or together to customise the perfect shade for you and your clients. These pigments are cruelty free and vegan.

Naturally, I had to swatch these pigments alone before trying them with a foundation though I don’t know what I expected to see. The formula is a little thick and of course they are purely pigment so very strong in colour. To see what all of them could do, I also swatched them mixed with a foundation. As you can see in the image below, the pigments can have a significant effect on the colour of the foundation. The same foundation (Maybelline Fit Me Matte 101) was used to create these swatches.

Pigments alone
Foundation with pigments-top shade is foundation alone

Due to the shades, you’re not limited to only using these pigments with foundation. You can also use them with your concealers and liquid contours as well. When using them with your base products, these pigments become miracle workers particularly for makeup artists. These four shades can fix the majority of shade matching issues when it comes to clients and can reduce the number of shades needed as part of your kit. I suppose you could technically use them alone to just mix up your shade but I wouldn’t recommend it due to texture and finish. I’d definitely recommend keeping a range of neutral shades on hand and customising the undertones for each client. Saves on space and money.

Pigments tested alone

When added to your base items, they change the colour of the product only. The consistency, coverage and overall finish remain the same which is amazing. They mix into liquid products easily with an even distribution of colour throughout. I found them best used when mixed directing into the base product before applying them to the skin. One thing to keep an eye on…a little goes a long way. Being pure pigment, you really don’t need to use much to effect the colour of your base products noticeably. You barely need a full pump of any of them but in particular the red. That can be dangerous…use sparingly. I’ve not noticed any staining to the skin or any other issues when using these pigments.

Foundation with white vs foundation alone

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with the Foundation Mixing Pigments from Makeup Revolution. They are a great addition to any makeup collection for customising the shades of your base products. They change the colour of your product and nothing else. The four shades pretty much correct any issue you may have with a shade. For makeup artists, they’re a great way to keep your kit a little smaller.

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Rach xx

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