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PS… (Primark) 150 Individual Lashes Pack Review

Hi lovelies,

Another kit item for you this week as I cannot, for the life of me, put strip lashes on clients. I always struggle on myself too so I figured let’s try something different.

The Primark Individual Lashes are available to purchase in store only unfortunately. Primark really do need to sort out online shopping. The 150 pack retails for £5 though smaller packs are available for £1 (I got one of these first).

The packaging is fairly standard for a pack of individual lashes. There’s an outer box containing all product information and with a cut out section on the front to display the lashes. The lashes themselves come on a thin holder with divots for each individual cluster. It does make it a little awkward to get the lashes out but at least they maintain their shape. There’s even a molded space for the lash glue at the bottom of the lash holder.

The 150 pack contains lashes in three different lengths-short, medium and long. It looks as though there are 50 of each size to create a fully customised look every time. The packs of 30 only contain one lash length but you can get them for each length. Each pack of lashes comes with a tube of lash glue that is adequate for applying the individuals. I don’t think it works as well with strip lashes.

I have to admit, it’s easier to apply these to other people than to apply them on yourself. I think it’s just because you can actually see what you’re doing on others. The lashes are quite small which makes them a little bit fiddly to apply particularly on yourself. I’d definitely recommend starting from the inner corner and working out as it makes application on yourself slightly easier. Once you get the technique, they become easier to apply. The lashes have an invisible band that, when applied correctly, disappear into the natural lash line helping to create a seamless look. They are lightweight and feel comfortable to wear. The lash lengths allow you to create any look that you want. The short and medium lengths are perfect for creating natural and half lash looks. The medium and long ones are for a more dramatic look. Personally, I find the long lashes a little too long especially next to the mediums but that’s just me and still good to have in your kit. I absolutely love the small and medium lashes which can have a big impact on the final look.

Overall, I am so happy with the Individual Lashes from Primark. Whether you get the larger packs for clients or the smaller ones for yourself you’ll be able to create your own unique lash shapes. Although the packaging is nothing special, it’s perfectly adequate for stashing in your kit. It can be a bit tricky applying these to yourself but it’s much easier on other people. The 3 lengths allow you to create whatever look you want and are lightweight and comfy to wear.

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Rach xx


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